Sensations spring

Spring is waking up little by little in the Haute-Loire, offering landscapes bursting with color! On the program: discovery routes between villages and paths and activities that give you time to immerse yourself in this nature in full bloom.

The Adventurers in short pants

During the Easter holidays, we awaken our inner child to live unforgettable experiences as a family. Between fun activities and new generation treasure hunts, there is something for everyone!

My spring in Auvergne

We are investigating


Embark on a train like no other


At the farm, we can feast our eyes and taste buds


We tested the scooter...


Unusual hike in the forest with goats


Escapades truants

Sleeping in a cabin like Tom Sawyer, learning about wild plants and feasting on local products, Haute-Loire awakens your Robinson side.

Living at Robinson in Auvergne

When nature becomes greedy


Have a cabin spirit


Brushing against raptors


A ride like no other


Highlights not to be missed

The agenda of events and highlights: concerts, music festivals, sporting events are on the program to experience great entertainment in Haute-Loire!

09 04


10 09

Pharmacy Museum

22 04


03 07

Baz'art Circus School and hardware

03 05


11 07

The good Voice – season 2

05 05


20 10

Tourist train

18 05


30 06

Hotel of Lights

22 05

The Puy-en-Velay Journal

22 05

Hiking | Between Loire and Gazeille

Your holidays in Auvergne

Between sporting activities and cultural leisure, prepare your holidays in Auvergne and discover the many faces of Haute-Loire. Hiking from Puy-en-Velay to Santiago de Compostela or to Alès in the footsteps of Stevenson, canoeing, rafting in the Allier valley, fishing and swimming in the Loire or musical festivities with the classical music festival of the Chair-God, the Haute-Loire is land of tourism! Come discover it quickly !