We give you 5 good reasons to try the GTHL, the Grande Traversée de la Haute-Loire by mountain bike. An itinerary imagined and traced for all: sports enthusiasts, epicureans, adventurers, itinerant travellers. The course offers all the pleasures of practice.

La grande traversée de la Haute-Loire à VTT, Auvergne


Because we are going through incredible landscapes!

The Grande Traversée de la Haute-Loire is: riding in the middle of 300 volcanoes,  640 km of happiness, 15 m of elevation gain, a journey of between 000 and 10 days…

Do you know ? The GTHL is one of the 12 mythical crossings of France.

La grande traversée de la Haute-Loire à VTT, Auvergne


You can do it on an electrically assisted mountain bike

The GTHL can be adapted to all cyclists. When the most sporty, eager for a challenge, choose a classic mountain bike, the others, preferring to enjoy the landscapes and not hurt themselves too much, can try their hand at the great crossing by Electrically assisted mountain bikes.


La grande traversée de la Haute-Loire à VTT, Auvergne


The GTHL is dotted with quality accommodation

Campsites, hotels or bed and breakfasts... so many quality accommodation providers who will take great care of cyclists passing through the Great crossing of the Haute-Loire. Some labeled Bike home have everything to accommodate cyclists and their mount as it should.

La grande traversée de la Haute-Loire à VTT, Auvergne


Because you can compose your roaming as you wish

On the GTHL, you can roam à la carte! It is possible to choose the length of its stages, or even to ride only on a few sections. 3 stations on the course (Brioude, Langeac and Le Puy-en-Velay).

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La Grande traversée de la Haute-Loire en groupe, Auvergne


Because every day is an adventure

The GTHL is also and above all a great adventure, with encounters, good meals and various and varied outdoor activities on the course, other than cycling (golf, swimming, canoeing, lazing around, etc.). Because it's always good to get a change of scenery.

A Accueil vélo establishment is the guarantee for the cyclist:

  • Located less than 5 km from a cycle route.
  • With equipment suitable for cyclists: shelter, secure bike, repair kit
  • With a warm welcome (practical information, advice, itineraries, weather forecast, etc.)
  • Which provides services dedicated to bicycle travellers: luggage transfer, laundry and drying, bicycle rental and washing.


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