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Balade à dos d'ânes

Far from mass tourism, go hiking with a donkey!
New: any hike in Compostela of 5 days or more departing from Saint Jeures benefits from a discount of €70 on the stay/donkey…
Alain offers you circuits adapted to your desires of half a day in the region or several days on major routes (Saint-Régis, Compostelle, Stevenson, Chemin de Regordane). He can organize your itinerary from A to Z with suitable accommodation. Before departure, he will give you all the useful advice to make this experience unforgettable.
Alain also welcomes groups of people with mental disabilities supervised with their own qualified instructor.

Sons and grandsons of farmers in the Monts du Lyonnais, as a teenager, I worked a lot with my grandfather, especially with draft horses. Mechanics has never been my passion. A little over 20 years ago, following a professional transfer, I arrived in Haute-Loire. I arrived in Yssingeaux, where I found a house with a big meadow, the children were small, I said to myself, I am going to buy a donkey or a pony. Chance was a donkey, I wanted to apply my knowledge, from horses to donkeys, but the first setbacks quickly made me understand the enormous difference. So I joined the BRAIRE association (Farnay in the Loire). There, the elders trained me. The enormous difference: a horse stands up, a donkey learns. The passion which has become a much more virulent virus than covid and there is no vaccine, gave me the idea of ​​creating the structure of the donkeys of the juices, then I settled at the Moulin de St Jeures where I offer hikes to the day or over several days in a loop, but also on the mythical paths (St Régis on horseback between the Ardèche and the Haute-Loire, the Stevenson les Cévennes and my favorite the Santiago de Compostela and the magnificent plateaus of Aubrac .

Sustainable tourism

The donkey is an animal that thinks all the time, unlike the horse which panics, you educate a donkey, you educate a dog and you train a horse. The donkey is like a teenager all his life, he tests his master, he is endearing, but cunning, an ideal traveling companion, but you need an iron fist in a velvet glove. At home, it is an eco-friendly mower, ideal for maintaining small plots, it eats thistles, brambles etc... be careful, they cut their teeth on the wooden stakes and their plank shelters etc... they gnaw just like a goat !!! Originally from desert countries, it drinks little and does not fear the heat, but does not like humidity and wind.

New 2024

New: any hike in Compostela of 5 days or more departing from Saint Jeures benefits from a discount of €70 on the stay/donkey…

We speak French

Location accuracy

  • GR route within 1 km
  • In the countryside

What to do

Customer base

Hikers, Special family with children, Pilgrims
Minimum age required: 3 years
Maximum age allowed: 99 years
Maximum group size: 12


  • Materials provided

Sports activities

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking with donkeys or llamas


Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2024
Depending on the weather



45 €60 €
Further information) :
– 30% for a group with 3 or more donkeys

Payment method

  • Cheque
  • Cash


Home animals

Animals are accepted


Adapted service: Not wheelchair accessible

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From 45 € / adult


Donkeys of Juices
465 Route de Pouzols
The windmills
43200 Saint-Jeures
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