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Balades à dos d'âne ou de poney

Discover the area in an original way, with donkey rides offered by the Flâneries d'Autrac. Mini-farm discovery of miniature animals.
Rides in harnessed, packaged, or hand-held donkeys
Discovery ride on a donkey
Horse-drawn carriage rides: Simple hitch (Percheron mare)
For young and old: awareness of nature and its environment
Encounter of hugs and discovery of our donkeys: grooming, donkey feeding, awareness
Discovery of a miniature animal mini-farm

Come trot, listen, gallop, watch and blend in harmony with the green of our landscapes and the blue of our springs.
We speak: English, French

What to do


  • Supervised practice
  • In Week
  • In Week-end

Sports activities

  • Hiking with donkeys or llamas
  • Pedestrian sports


Further information) :
AROUND THE DONKEYS ”(without reservation) for children
Amazing encounters to the delight of children from 3 years old and older!
Meeting, discovery of our donkeys and ponies
Baptism (4 minutes MAX) Discovery walk of 4 minutes with a donkey or pony: Free participation
KID'TROTTER (1h15) from 7 years old
It is very motivating for children to take care of their big-eared companion, to walk at their own pace, to talk to them, to take care of them. The child supervised by a manager of the association will choose his animal and then dress it; prepare it, and finally assemble it. Mini-hike around the “Le Pont d'Alagnon” Nature Activity Center. Meeting, grooming and preparation: 30 min + Walk: 45 min: 18 euros (per child)
Donkey and / or ponies ride (20 min)
An introduction to donkey and pony riding around the Nature Activity Center “Le Pont d'Alagnon” lasting 20 minutes. For little adventurers, a diploma will be awarded after the short ride.
Count 1 donkey for 1 adult and 1 child. Recommended equipment: closed walking shoes. Any walk started is due.
6 euros (per child)
“AROUND THE DONKEYS” (reservation required)
Equipped with a carrying brace (the pack), our donkeys will help you discover the flora and fauna of the Alagnon valley.
A moment of pleasure to share in the company of a cuddly and smart companion who carries luggage and young children. With him, the path is a pleasure, you make the little ones discover the joy of hiking… without the bags.
Hiking in "Discovery" formula
Our "Discovery" hikes include:
 The rental of the donkey and all the care and threshing equipment: carpet, pack, halter, lanyard, saddlebags, care kit and food supplements,
 A "home TOPO" with the itinerary that we will have defined together,
 A small booklet on how to drive a donkey on a hike
The circuits represent 3 to 4 hours of real walking, that is to say 8 to 12 km MAXI. The stopping places allow you to have your meal, to tie up the donkey in complete safety and for the children to play in peace.
Half day (9 am-13pm)
The day (9 a.m. to 17 p.m. or 18 p.m.)
1 donkey 1/2 day 29 €
1 donkey 1 day 45 €
2 donkeys 1/2 day 50 €
2 donkeys 1 day 79€
Meals not included. Possibility of packed lunch on reservation.
Count 1 donkey for 2 adults and 2 children. Recommended equipment: closed walking shoes, light hiking equipment.
CARRIAGE RIDE for children (donkey)
Our donkey "PIPOT" is harnessed to the carriage which has a capacity of 6 places including driver. Discover the “Le Pont d'Alagnon” Nature Activity Center with your hair in the wind.
Child 1 to 2 people Duration 30 minutes 15 euros
Duration 1 Hour 25 euros
Child + than 2 pers Duration 30 min 15 euros + 2 euros / pers.
Child +2 pers Duration 1 hour 25 euros + 2 euros / pers.
CARRIAGE RIDE for the family (Percheron mare)
SINGLE coupling with driver and groom in compliance with current safety standards.
Carriage type Break wooden wheel and rear bench opposite (4 to 6 people)
Adult Duration 1 Hour 1 to 2 pers 50 euros
Adult + 2 pers 50 euros + 4 euros / pers.
DISCOVERY Mini-Farm of Miniature Animals
Composition of the miniature animal farm: miniature donkey, miniature zebu cow and journal, American black dwarf pig, dwarf goat, dwarf billy goat, Carpathian sheep, dwarf hens, dwarf rabbits and guinea pig.
Entrance fee (from 1 year) 3 euros

Payment method

  • Cheque
  • Cash


Home animals

Pets are not accepted


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