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in Les Estables


Tree climbing course in the trees like Tarzan, come and have fun with the family with 9 courses available!
A Respirando adventure within everyone's reach! Climbing and evolving above the ground, climbing in the branches, on ladders, progressing in the forest, "flying" from one tree to another, it's possible. 9 more or less high courses, varying difficulties, made up of ropes, cables, nets, beams, rope bridges or pendulums. Alone, in a group or with the children, you will move through a deciduous forest. 170 workshops, 30 zip lines, lasting more than 3 hours. You will be equipped with safety equipment by qualified instructors. AFNOR standards, 1 small course (from 3 years old) and 1 "super black".
Clic-IT connected carabiners, continuous lifeline.
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Minimum age required: 3 years

Sports activities

  • Climbing sports / Rope sports
  • Adventure course / Accrobranche®


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  • Bank / credit card
  • Cheque
  • Classic Holiday Vouchers
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place called Jean
43150 Les Estables
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