What if we set off to discover Haute-Loire and its picturesque villages? Stroll through the streets of our 6 Most Beautiful Villages in France, browse our Small Cities of Character… From village to Altiligrian village, we travel through the ages.

The villages not to be missed

Cities of art and history

  • Brioude
    It is the only town in Haute-Loire to hold the label « City and Artistic Crafts ». A prestigious distinction which rewards the historical and architectural heritage of the city, but also and above all the men and women endowed with excellent know-how.
  • Le Puy-en-Velay
    The upper town and its protected area listed in the Unesco World Heritage under the paths of Santiago de Compostela testifies to a rich past of pilgrimage. It never ceases to amaze and charm anyone who likes to get lost in the maze of its narrow streets.

Le Puy-en-Velay

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our 6 Most Beautiful Villages in France

Among the 11 labeled municipalities « Most beautiful villages in France » throughout Auvergne, six are in Haute-Loire!

Know-how heritage, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne Blesle



The maze of cobbled streets will lead the visitor to contemplate the Saint-Pierre church (XIIe century) and its murals,  St. Martin's Church (XIVe century) and the Tower of mercoeur...

Blesle – Most Beautiful Villages of France

View of the village of Lavaudieu in Haute-Loire



“Valley of God”, the Senouire valley… it is this which gives its name to the medieval village of Lavaudieu. With its Romanesque cloister and the Byzantine-inspired wall painting adorning its refectory, the Benedictine abbey of Lavaudieu is one of the jewels of Auvergne's religious heritage. Another feature of this listed village are its winegrowers' houses, the only witnesses to the valley's wine-growing past.

Lavaudieu – Most Beautiful Villages of France

A setting sun over a field with the fortress of Polignac in the background in Haute-Loire, Auvergne
©Daniel Vincent



No one can miss the impressive basalt neck and its vast fortress which overlooks the village by a hundred meters. It is he who makes all the panache of Polignac ! Perched on its volcanic hill, the castle offers a striking spectacle. From its platform, the site invites you to discover the heritage and marvel around an enthralling circuit traversing the remains of the medieval fortress.

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A family walks through the streets of Pradelles in Haute-Loire



Step on the way Regordan, Pradelles is the gate of Velay to Occitania. In the XNUMXth century, it was “the stronghold of the high meadows”! A village once particularly used by merchants and pilgrims on their way to the south of France. The high facades of Pradelles have seen many travellers, highwaymen and popular heroes pass by, such as Stevenson and his donkey Modestine.

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Heritage know-how, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne Arlempdes



Raised at the top of a volcanic peak entwined in a meander of the Loire, the village ofArlempdes reveals at the top of an impressive rocky plumb, the mysterious remains of an ancient medieval castle. Built between XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, it would even be one of the very first castles of the Loire. So much curiosity that makes this site a rare place in France.

Arlempdes – Most Beautiful Villages of France

View from above on Lavoûte-Chilhac in Haute-Loire, Auvergne



In the south of Auvergne, in a loop of the Allier, the village of Lavoute-Chilhac perfectly combines heritage and nature. Which makes it a must! His Cluniac priory founded in the XNUMXth century, an impressive building on which one can read the different stages of history, over its many alterations, especially in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

Lavoûte-Chilhac – Most beautiful villages in France

Our Small Cities of Character

In Haute-Loire, our small towns have character! Indeed, as you stroll through the streets of these small villages, you can sense behind each stone an almost thousand-year-old history, a particularly well-protected heritage and the soul of the inhabitants of each of these towns who tell their story with pride.

Towns and villages that are worth more than a detour

Because they are unique, singular, these villages have this little something that will surprise us.

The most gourmet village

Saint Bonnet the Cold and its many gourmet restaurants.

The most musical village

La Chair-God and its famous classical music festival.

The most confluent village

Lavoute-Chilhac surrounded by the Allier river.

The highest village

The most Gallic village

Moudeyres et bigorre, villages with thatched roofs.

The map of our towns and villages of Character

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