From east to west, Haute-Loire is a land of crafts: jewellers, wood carvers, painters and illustrators, ceramists, potters, furniture restorers and other clothing designers... The department is full of talents and creations "made in Haute-Loire". Note that the city of Brioude was recently labeled "City and Crafts". It was also the first town in Haute-Loire to join this network.

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les Emaux de Clo

Les Terres Colorées

Fée 2 Terre

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Atelier et Galerie d’Art Corinne Chany


Open. Closes at 19:00 p.m.


Couleurs Vitrail

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Art et Création

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Pascal Douillard – Luthier

Isabelle Roche – Céramiste

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Atelier A la belle étoile

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Farm. Opens tomorrow at 09:00 p.m.

Côté fauteuil

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Un Ange passe…

Inghilleri Louis

Au Tourne-Sol

Cuir Bidule Truc

Farm. Opens tomorrow at 09:00 p.m.

Créa Styl’Auvergne

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Les Ateliers de Création d’Iris

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Farm. Opens tomorrow at 10:00 p.m.

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