If volcanism has shaped the beauty of the landscapes, man has erected and built exceptional monuments over the centuries. The Haute-Loire, being at the crossroads of pilgrimages, history and art have been able to intertwine, drawing on multiple influences. Strolling through the streets of towns or villages with unique faces, the stones have secrets to tell us. We must let ourselves be carried away by our curiosity, let ourselves be guided by the men and women who will be keen to pass on the keys to this heritage.

A breath of creativity

The lace is revealed

Creativity and innovation for lace enthusiasts who bring this art to life.


There has always been a wind of creativity blowing over the lands of Haute-Loire. Ancient knowledge and gestures such as lace from Puy-en-Velay which rubs shoulders with the creativity of today's craftsmen. All have the same passion of the alchemist: to transform and sublimate noble materials.

Top Monuments to visit

La Haute-Loire is rich in a heritage as rich as it is unsuspected… Castles, cathedrals, churches, basilicas, chapels, fortresses, abbeys… And if we took the time to visit these witnesses of the past?

Know-how heritage, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne small towns of polignac character

A double for a 4th place at the favorite monument of the French

Le rock and its chapel St Michel-d'Aiguilhe rose to 4th place in the Favorite Monument of the French in 2014 and 2022.

Starred monuments: "3 stars" in the Michelin Guide

The three nominees:

A unique Abbey in Auvergne

THELavaudieu abbey and its cloister is a jewel of Romanesque art. It is the only intact cloister in all of Auvergne. In other words, essential!

Ready for a trip to our towns and villages?

“Take a trip for two” not in Italy but in our towns or villages which have the scent of la dolce vita. They invite you to stroll through the alleys, to find in the corners a Romanesque church, a museum Or a castle.

The selection of villages in Auvergne not to be missed:

For the most curious!

In the heart of these towns or villages, we push our curiosity and we do not hesitate to enter a church or a chapel, to climb up to the castle or to learn more about a local tradition or know-how in a museum.

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