The land of Haute-Loire is generous. Men and women cultivate, raise, transform and abound in the markets of products that have the flavor of the local. The Chefs cook and sublimate the Auvergne specialties that we like to find in the restaurants.

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In our restaurants, you will find the recipes of authentic mountain cuisine and the know-how will not fail to seduce you as the richness of the dishes is abundant: mountain cured meats, local cheeses, quality meats, fruits and vegetables... But above all, home-made, short circuits, local and seasonality are the preferred ingredients of our restaurateurs.

Table of restaurants in Haute-Loire, Auvergne
The chefs of Haute-Loire, Auvergne

The Chiefs

Personalized stars such as Philippe and Clément Brun, 1 star in the Michelin Guide, or Régis and Jacques Marcon, 3 stars in the Michelin Guide who bring talented young chefs in their wake. Some pick up the Bib Gourmet, others do their hair Toques from Auvergne » or proudly display on their chef’s jacket, the distinction Master Restaurateur.

A 100% Haute-Loire menu

For the pleasure of the taste buds, we have concocted the menu of the perfect Altiligerian based specialties and local products.

Charcuterie platter as a starter

As a tapas when the market aperitif rings or as a starter, sausage or dry sausage is unbeatable! With a little Auvergne wine and you're done!

Tasty meats


A land rich in quality breeding which gives the meat pleasant notes in the mouth.

Le Puy green lentils as a legume

Proud of her AOP, Le Puy green lentil also tops the list of the most protein-rich pulses. Chefs like to use it in several versions in tasty recipes.

The Trifola for potato lovers!

Loving granite and sandy soils, the potatoes is queen on the plateaus of Craponne-sur-Arzon.

A cheese platter

Flagship product of Auvergne, cheese is also essential on the markets and tables:

Cow cheeses and the famous ARTISOU OF HAUTE-LOIRE

Goat and sheep cheeses

Sweet treats

We keep in the mouth the scent of the undergrowth with strawberries, raspberries, grown at 1 m altitude and found in fresh fruit, desserts or sorbets. And the bees are so well with us that the honey flows freely.

Dijo verbena!


Impossible to escape it, verveine ends any good meal. It would even have digestive virtues, of course. And for those who swear by beer, you have to taste the local beer from our micro-brewers.

  • Verbena
  • Beer

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