Caress the cows, the sheep, visit the farm on foot or on a pony, have a real snack around a table with the good products of the farm: yoghurts, jams, homemade bread, honey, fruit jellies... Our farms are a enchantment for young and old alike.

After having made discover their activities on the farm, some farmers of Haute-Loire, propose to taste a snack at the farm. All the desserts and products offered during this snack are "homemade" and moreover made with products from the farm and the garden (milk, eggs, apples, jams, etc.)

All of this farms labeled "Welcome to the farm" welcome individuals and schoolchildren all year round, to share gourmet, simple and authentic pleasures.

Playful and gastronomic discovery of farms in Auvergne

Ferme Découverte

Farm. Opens tomorrow at 09:00 p.m.

AnimÉ Sens/Gaec de l’herm

Book online

Geb Nout Diffusion

Firm. Opens at 10:00 p.m.

Ferme de la seconde chance

Ferme pédagogique

Au repaire de Bona

Ferme et Savonnerie du Velay

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