On foot, aboard a boat, on a canoe, oars in hand or in the air... It is possible to visit the Loire and Allier gorges in various ways. You just have to find yours.

A family trip on the Loire aboard an electric boat in Haute-Loire, Auvergne


While sailing, aboard an electric boat

On the Loire, departing from Aurec-sur-Loire, there are electric and silent boats perfect for visiting the gorges without frightening the birds that inhabit them. Without a license so that everyone can try out this piloting with astonishing sensations.

Electric boat ride without a license

Beaver swimming in the Haute-Loire gorges in Auvergne


By paddling, in the footsteps of the beaver and the otter

Far from the overcrowded nautical highways, we take the measure of the decor that surrounds us. In rafting, kayaking, canoeing, or stand-up paddle, our guides never cease to make us love these places and their inhabitants.

Canoe Kayak

Two children have fun in a river in Haute-Loire, Auvergne


By walking, to reach lost beaches à la Robinson Crusoé

Several hikes offer the privilege of entering intimate gorges. Little corners of paradise where Mother Nature remains mistress of the place. It's up to us to respectfully borrow the kingdom to make hiking rhyme with idleness and water fights...

Walks and hikes in Haute-Loire

A trail runner runs in the Haute-Loire mountains, Auvergne


By running, to dare to gain height and tame the most beautiful viewpoints

We feel very small in front of this territory of adventures. The single-track trails take us further, in search of panoramas that we would not even have imagined.

The Haute-Loire, land of trails

Fishermen in the water with a fish in their hands in Haute-Loire, Auvergne


On horseback, to discover the best fishing spots

With Emotion Pêche, Delphine and Steeve had a bright idea: to unite their two respective passions to reach areas untouched by any fisherman on horseback.

Trapper Stay: Fishing on Horseback along the Loire Sauvage

A mountain bike instructor travels through the Haute-Loire mountains


Down the slopes on a mountain bike

Get on your mountain bikes or other wheeled machines! The abysmal elevations offered by the Haute-Loire department are an infinite playground! Have fun crisscrossing the Gorges de la Loire and Allier to infinity! There are indeed 10 VTT-FFC spaces in Haute-Loire.

Mountain biking areas

A child on the Saint Gal Parc zip line which passes over the Allier in Haute-Loire, Auvergne


By daring the thrill, hanging on a zip line

It is possible to fly above the peaks and rivers in Haute-Loire! In particular, thanks to Saint Gal Parc Aventure and its 4 giant zip lines above the Allier to reach the verdant Île d'Amour, in Langeac. or the park Tyro-sur-Loire, in Chamalières-sur-Loire and its more than 1 m of zip lines which give the impression of flying above the forests and the river.


A videographer films the sunrise from the basket of a hot air balloon in Haute-Loire, Auvergne


By gliding and flying over the Gorges aboard a hot air balloon

When you overcome the morning mist, the moment is magical, almost unreal. We sail gently above the clouds flooded by the first rays of the sun. The regular sound of the burner reminds us of reality: we dominate the lace of volcanoes.

Air sports (Hot air ballooning, Paragliding, ULM …)

View of the Auvergne mountains from an orientation table


Observing them at 180° from the top of the volcanoes

Thanks to the volcanoes that surround them, you can also observe the gorges from a height. On lucky days with clear skies, you can even see Mont-Blanc on the horizon!

Walks and hikes in Haute-Loire

View of Mont Gerbier in Haute-Loire, Auvergne


Going back to the sources, like a salmon

Like a pilgrimage on the lines of our geography textbooks, we climb the steep path of the Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc, the GR 3. For theMix, it's the GR 470 which will allow us to go back to Lozère, to the sources of this river. 11 stages of 20 km on average from Brioude to its sources at Moure de la Gardille.

A land of great hikes

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