Cap or no cap? The Haute-Loire is full of spots and activities to fill up on thrills! And we, we know adrenaline experts who are just waiting to tickle your feelings and play with your willies! We present them to you?

To soar through the air

Pioneers in canyoning in Haute-Loire, Bruno and Cyrille await thrill-seekers, harnesses and wetsuits in hand. They will make every effort to offer you a fun exploration of the Rouchoux Canyon in Saint-Privat d'Allier: here the freshness!

At the Recoumène viaduct, Cape Liberty also offers you the opportunity to take the leap into the void, hanging from a rubber band or hanging from a zip line. After the hesitation and the fear, often comes the smile and the pride of having done it!

In the Gorges de l'Allier, the team of tonic adventure never ceases to make you vibrate to the rhythm of the river! Canyoning, rafting, adventure park, climbing, via ferrata,… and the last string to their bow: the pendulum jump. Pure adrenaline. An activity that can also be found at the Family Adventure Park in La Séauve-sur-Semène.

Finally for the hotheads, remains the free fall with the jump in parachute and parasailing. Meet at Loudes aerodrome with the Paraclub du Puy team.

To fly away to the clouds

Sébastien is the king of paragliding on the Mézenc. With him, take height with your eyes closed. Or rather no, open your eyes wide because you risk missing everything. The perfect man for a baptism.

The Mister Ballooning, it's Jean-Marc. He even holds a record! That of having climbed to 7060 meters aboard his balloon. Try the adventure of a wonderful balloon trip in his company!

Eric has probably found the activity that scared us the most (well, ok, we haven't tried bungee jumping from the Recoumène viaduct yet), but we assure you that the bungy ejection, that's great ! Meet at Domain of Rouveure in Yssingeaux to test this.

To slide the hair in the wind

Tobogganing down the slopes of the Mézenc, even without snow

With the Lugik park, Raphaël has made a crazy bet: that of hurtling down the slopes of the Mézenc by toboggan, even without snow, thanks to a rail system going up to 40 km/h! A 4-season sled that promises thrills all year round.

Hard to believe, but Saugues has become the Biarritz of Haute-Loire. For a few years now, it has been possible to try waterskiing (or wakeboarding) and glide across the water like a surfer on the Atlantic Ocean. For the little ones and the most cautious, there is even a two-seater towed buoy.

Bastien's passion? Zip lines.
So much so that he installed one twenty zip lines over 1,5 km above the gorges of Chamalières-sur-Loire.
Do you like having your hair in the wind? You will be served!

Do you like speed, but not too much? the Vélorail of Pradelles offers you a happy medium. On the other hand, you will certainly melt for the volcanic and magnificent landscapes that it crosses. In addition, the electric assistance makes the activity accessible to the whole family!

And good news, there is also a Vélorail in Dunières also ! An adventure of 8 to 15 km through the wild landscapes of Velay, on a mountain railway. On the program, viaducts, tunnels... no time to get bored. And long descents! Thrill guaranteed for all!

To climb ever higher

To gain height, Haute-Loire has no shortage of spots and rocks just waiting to be climbed, such as Lempdes-sur-Allagnon, Roche Pointue in Chaudeyrolles, Roches de Fay-sur-Lignon, Prades, Les Estables, Retournac, or even Yssingeaux and Chamalières-sur-Loire. Cyrille de Cap Vertical, will be able to guide you on the steepest rock walls.

Himalayan net, footbridges, zip line, beam, underpass, there is enough to "get your hair done" at the via ferrata “Le Puy des Juscles” at Pertuis. Even more so with the sports course which clings to a volcanic eruption dating back 12 million years. Up there, the view is breathtaking sweeping over the Velay and Mézenc mountains. Do you need to equip yourself before the ascent? Go to Alternatif, the Col du Pertuis store specializing in outdoor sports

A whole army of professionals awaits you in no less than 7 acrobatic parks in the middle of the forests of Haute-Loire. Our favorites ? The course which ends with zip lines above the Allier in Langeac (, the course and the panoramic platform of Chambon-sur-Lignon, the one with a view of the city of Puy-en-Velay and the “Bois des Gaulois” in Saint-Paulien: a park of perched huts connected by nets. Accessible from 2 years old without a harness, the pitchouns end their epic with a 23 m long slide. Yes, they too have the right to shiver!

To ride on all kinds of gear

With electric power or that of the legs, the Haute-Loire does not lack funny machines to hurtle down the slopes. Jérôme, for example, has certainly spotted the ideal spot for all-terrain scooters: the slopes of the Gorges de la Loire near Vorey.

And on the side of the crazy sliders, we have built a paradise in Loudes where 5 tracks are open to crazy handlebars who want to get away with it on a scooter, BMX or drift trike (a kind of tricycle "made in Haute -Loire”).

For those who prefer bucolic walks and the discovery of landscapes, while having fun, it is better to follow the instructors of Takumi sport in Saint-Pal-de-Mons. Enough to fill up with thrills in the middle of nature aboard an electric scooter. All this, accompanied by a qualified instructor!
Just like at Fun Trott & Co, in the town of Saint-Jeures.

On the side of Tence, no scooters, but more futuristic two-wheeled vehicles with Aurus Way : all-terrain segway gyropods and other hoverboards to navigate the steepest forest paths. The youngest in the family? The gyroroue, a kind of electric unicycle. There will be sports!

But for those who prefer more classic activities… No problem. The electric mountain bike is also a good way to apprehend the astonishing reliefs of Haute-Loire. Take advantage of supervised mountain biking with the instructors of Hiking Nature Guide at Les Estables or with Sport Nature Aventure at Retournac, at Lac de Lavalette.

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