It dominates the village of Estables from its height. Mont Mézenc is a mountainous summit of volcanic origin located in the south-east of the Massif Central, on the border of the departments of Haute-Loire and Ardèche. With its 1 m, it is the highest point in the department. And at the first light of day, the spectacle is striking…

The unique experience of a sunrise at the top of Mont Mézenc

The day is not yet up, the first rays of the sun can barely be guessed through the trees of the forest path of the Stable. He is, moreover, the highest village in the Massif Central. A light breeze blows and the view emerges, at the top of this bald giant crowned with a cross.

A breathtaking view

At the top of Mézenc – Les Estables

Up there, the sunrise panorama is breathtaking! The view opens up to 360° over the entire south-eastern quarter of France, bathed in the first shimmering rays of the sun. An ascent of less than 45 minutes which will have been enough to converse with the Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc, the Sancy massif, the Cévennes, the Alps and even Mont-Blanc !

Le PR 484 is precisely a hiking trail that goes around Mont Mézenc. This route with grandiose landscapes offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints over the Massif Central. On a clear day, the Monts du Forez, Ventoux and the Alps are revealed on the horizon...

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