It is a rock behemoth in the heart of Aiguilhe. The vestige of a distant volcanic past with a strange silhouette rising towards the sky. Surmounted by its curious chapel, the Rocher Saint-Michel has something magical about it. Between vertigo and serenity, will you dare to climb the 268 steps of this colossus of rock?

An exceptional geological, spiritual and historical site

One thing is certain, the experience is worth the effort. To go back to the past first of all: because this volcanic dyke was born two million years ago. Vestige of an era that no one can know. An exceptional geological formation that deserves a stop.

To discover the history of a medieval site with a geological heritage, but also a grandiose architectural one. At its summit, in fact, stands a unique Romanesque chapel, rich in multiple influences (Byzantine, Moorish, etc.), dedicated to the Archangel Michael. Within it, lulled by the soft color of its frescoes and stained glass windows, visitors are easily carried away by the spirituality of the place.

For the view of course! Perched 80 m above the ground, the forecourt of the Saint-Michel chapel offers a view 360° on the city of Puy-en-Velay. Open your eyes wide!

To take advantage of new audioguides of the Rocher Saint-Michel. Available in English, French and German, you will be, thanks to them, unbeatable on the history of the site!

Open. Closes at 19:00 p.m.
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