Terroir, cuisine, virtues… the Green Lentil from Le Puy reveals all its secrets.
Where does it grow? How is it good for health? And in the kitchen? All the questions you never dared to ask about Lentille Verte du Puy-en-Velay, we ask them for you!

Where and how does a lentil plant grow?

Under the dazzling sun of the high plateaus of Velay, the green lentil points the tip of its nose, but make no mistake, it is not new to the region. It has taken up residence there for more than 2000 years, following its introduction by the Romans, as evidenced by its generic name Lens esculenta puyensis.

Lentille Verte du Puy requires soil that is stale at depth, fine on the surface and well dried. Sowing takes place from March to April and harvesting from August to mid-September. At maturity, the lentil plant reaches between 20 and 30 cm in height. Its fruits are pods, usually containing two seeds. The characteristic color of Lentille Verte du Puy is pale green with bluish marbling.

How is the lentil good for your health?

It would seem that this “vegetable caviar”, such is its nickname, seduces both the taste buds and the body. Rich in iron, no offense to Popeye and his famous spinach, it is also generous in vitamin B, magnesium, antioxidants and low in lipids. It tops the list of pulses richest in protein: 10 g of protein for 100 g of lentils. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!

What can she be proud of?

Lentille Verte du Puy-en-Velay can boast of having its PDO (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) since 2008. Its cultivation area extends in the Velay between 600 and 1200 m above sea level, over 87 municipalities in the department and on predominantly volcanic soils. In this area there is a specific climate called the Foehn effect which dries out the lentil before it is completely ripe, which gives it its taste characteristics: a fine, non-starchy almond skin.

Who says Lentille Verte du Puy, also says podium! Some make this product an asset like the restorer Aurélien Vidal   who recently came 3rd in the world pie crust championship with his recipe with Lentilles Vertes du Puy.

Appreciated by the Chefs of the Elysée, it has even been invited by our Anglo-Saxon friends, on the menu of the prestigious Prince Georges school because it also stimulates concentration and memory.

What are we cooking, sausage-lentils?

Vegetable caviar from Haute-Loire

This is the local dish par excellence! Nevertheless, you can accommodate it in a plethora of ways: in salads, in soups, in pancakes, with smoked trout or with other cereals...

The Chefs of Haute-Loire strive to sublimate this local product on their plates. Some even offer amazing desserts!

Well then, to impress your guests at your next Sunday brunch, how about a hummus with Green Lentils from Puy?

Where can we find it?

More than 650 producers are proud to cultivate this exceptional product. Beautiful collectors' boxes also keep this green gold that can be purchased in stores. Lentille Verte du Puy can also be found on the markets and for direct sale, an opportunity to meet enthusiasts of their region.

  • Sabarot shop, Le Puy-en-Velay
  • The “Pis d’Anicia”, direct sale at the farm, Saint-Martin-de-Fugères
  • La ferme du Blot, direct sale at the farm, Cerzat

Recipe idea and some tips from Chefs!

The time has come to reveal the tips of our Chefs for its cooking:
● It does not need soaking and salt only at the end of cooking.
● Put the Puy Green Lentils in three times their volume of cold water with 1 bouquet garni, an onion studded with cloves, garlic, 2 to 3 carrots and 1 slice of smoked bacon.
● Leave to cook for 12 to 15 minutes after boiling.
● Add salt and add butter at the end of cooking with the broth.

Good tasting !


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