Spring is slowly setting in and the Domaine de Peydébé run by Franck and Vicki Chapaveire, in the town of Old Brioude has just opened its doors… Nestled in a wood, three castle cabins promise you royal and unusual holidays, a few meters above the ground.

Castle cabins for unusual holidays in Auvergne

The castle cabins, a unique concept in Auvergne

Once upon a time… three wooden castles in a green setting…

  • A large one, 108 m², for 2 to 6 people: the Château de Peydébé cabin
  • A medium, 88 m², for 2 to 4 people: the Aulteribe castle cabin
  • And a small one, 65 m², for two people, ideal for lovers: the Château Messilhac cabin

These last two have the same shape as the castles whose name they bear. “We designed them. We wanted them to look like real Auvergne castles”, specifies Franck Chapaveire, eager to promote the regional heritage.

Unusual cabins with exceptional services: private spa, linen sheets...

And Franck and Vicki Chapaveire didn't do things by halves. This project, motivated by a return to green after 10 years spent in Romania, the country where Vicki is from, has been carefully considered. A year and a half of work was necessary. But the result is there... Both isolated and extremely well served, in particular by the proximity of the RN 102, Brioude or the Puy-en-Velay, the Domaine de Peydébé offers a service as atypical as it is top-of-the-range: "There are two of us who offer this in France".

A warm and refined decoration, noble and quality materials, on the walls of the watercolors representing the surrounding villages signed Michael Leger, the finest linen bedding, ultra-connected furniture and on each terrace, a private spa… At Le Peydébé, nothing has been left to chance. “We have opted for the unusual and well-being. Two trending directions lately.

Managers who care about customers

But the couple didn't stop there... With a hotel background and past experience in catering, Franck Chapaveire also made the choice, through this high-end hotel concept, to return to his first profession, that of of cook.

“We want to differentiate ourselves on the gastronomic part, he underlines. But we can offer both family cooking and romantic meals, served directly in the cabin, like in a restaurant! »

Similarly, in the morning, breakfast is left at the foot of the castle cabin by the hosts. All you have to do is hoist the rope when you wake up! “We want to be very caring for our customers… assures the couple, to pamper the people who come to relax with us. If they need something at 10 p.m., we'll be there to serve them…”

Valuable partnerships to enhance your holidays in Brivadois in Auvergne.

“We are very oriented towards exchanges and partnerships”

A massage, a mountain bike outing, a meal, a walk with the alpacas… On holiday, to keep busy in the Brivadois, there is plenty to choose from. So to perfect their performance, Franck and Vicki Chapaveire joined forces with their neighbors. With the Deuch'compagnie and the Mobs in Manu for rides in vintage cars. With the Brivadois alpaca farm, Alpacas de la Suavidad, for walks in the company of adorable balls of wool...

Or even with the Saint-Roch estate in Salzuit for ideas for meals outside the estate and well-being services… “It's not by staying in your corner that you flourish! insists the couple, who would also like to partner with an electric bike rental provider.

And you, for your holidays or for a weekend, if you come to live the castle life?

Reservations are open.

Farm. Opens tomorrow at 07:00 p.m.
Brugerolles Road The Monteil
43100 Old Brioude
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