Powerful, resonant, hoarse, the slab of the deer announces from the beginning of autumn the courtship among deer. And as an Altiligerian, it's a ritual every year to go with the family to listen to the slab in the Gorges de l'Allier.

Immersion in wild lands with the slab of the deer, in the Gorges de l'Allier

The children just out of school, we rush towards the small village of Alleyras, a market picnic in the trunk. The winding road lined with hardwoods in red-ocher tones is magnificent. Arrived in the village, we take a small path to arrive at our observation spot. A few people are already on the lookout, binoculars in hand. Twilight is on its way and we are beginning to see a gathering of deer in a clearing. We are all impressed by their grace and agility. We feel the fragility of the moment. One noise too many and they run away.

The Allier Gorges

They vibrated to the sound of the slab

Night falls, eyes get used to the darkness and ears sharpen. We are waiting for the lord of the woods to enter the scene. Suddenly, a hoarse cry rings out and interrupts the silence of the night. The cries are repeated and approach. I feel my daughter's little hand tighten in mine. And me too, I feel my heart pounding, it's as if he was really close. Our eyes may look for it, we only hear the rattle of the animal still in the forest. Perhaps he has sensed our presence and remains on his guard? It's almost pitch dark, we won't see the King of the Forests tonight. We are already well satisfied, and with soft steps, we take the way back. Car windows wide open, we are still listening!

Tonight, for sure, the Gorges de l'Allier vibrated to the sound of the slab!

We will come back… In addition, there are plenty of ways to observe and listen to the slab.

At the observatory of Arlet which juts out into the valley of the Cronce. An ideal sport and free of access to observe with binoculars, the animal with the head furnished with ramified woods.

In a small group, we can opt for a guide who has previously taken care to spot the passages of deer and thus bring us to a spot where we are sure to observe it. Dressed very warmly, we are all ears to listen to our naturalist tell us about the biotope and the rhythm of life of deer.

For budding naturalists, Rémi learns to spot the tracks of deer and other woodland mammals: skulls, leftover meals, footprints are clues that hold no secrets for him. More information from the House of Birds and Nature.

Deer slab but also eagles, harriers, marmots, it's a whole wild world that enthusiasts and scientists make us tame according to the outings of the A mischievous little guide to nature outings in Haute-Loire.

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