100% electric shuttles that are revolutionary
mobility in Haute-Loire

Why use your personal car when you finally have a plan A with Totoom?

What if Totoom revolutionized mobility in Haute-Loire and one day more widely in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes? This is what Jean-Marc Dardalhon, the founder of this concept of 100% electric shuttles, which promises a new way of traveling and getting around, without any hassle and in a more ecological way, hopes.

What is Totoom?

It’s a SNER: Regional Express Shuttle Service, which allows individuals and professionals to reserve their place on board 100% electric vans driven by employed drivers.

Finally, Totoom is a hybrid service between the bus line, private driver and carpooling. For what ? Because like a bus, the shuttles travel along predefined lines. Like a private driver, they provide support at home or at the workplace. And like a carpooling service, the journey is shared for up to 6 passengers per van.

When was it born?

It is a very young company, since Totoom was born in September 2023 and is based in Puy-en-Velay, at the Brasserie du digital.

How was it born?

“I was a sound engineer for TV and cinema and I edited several documentaries on the North and South Poles which made me widely aware of global warming,” says Jean-Marc Dardalhon. Totoom was therefore born from a desire to move in the direction of ecological transition and to offer a “clean” mobility service in rural areas.

Who is it ?

It was initially 3 partners: Jean-Marc Dardalhon, the founder ; Valentine Blanco ; and Marc Maupoux. Now, it is a team of 6 employees including 2 drivers. “We are targeting 15 employees by the end of 2024,” concludes Jean-Marc Dardalhon.

A quoi ça sert?

  • To open up the territories
  • To reduce the mobility divide
  • Decarbonize road transport
  • Offer journeys with more comfort and fewer constraints
  • Saving time and money

Where does it go?

Totoom shuttles run on predefined lines between:

  •  Le Puy-en-Velay – Saint-Étienne – Lyon Saint-Exupéry (Airport and TGV station)
  • Le Puy-en-Velay – Annecy – Chamonix
  • Brioude – Loudes Airport
  • Saint-Étienne – Loudes Airport

“For example, we have 9 round trips on the Le Puy-en-Velay / Saint-Etienne-Saint-Exupéry route between 4 a.m. and midnight. That’s almost 24/24! » Totoom's long-term objective? Cover the entire Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Who is it for ?

It's for everyone! Both individuals and professionals but also tourists... and for all types of travel (private, professional, vacations). While paying particular attention to serving passengers who travel aboard the company's high-end vans. “We have the same vehicles as the great Parisian palaces,” notes the founder.

How it works ?

Simply book your shuttle via the Totoom application, the website or by telephone (, at the latest, 12 hours in advance. The service is assured from the first reservation.

Passengers can be picked up from the person's home or business to travel to the stations, terminals or metropolises included on the shuttle route.

How much does it cost ?

“The price for a place is lower than the cost of using a personal car.”
For example, for the following journeys:

  • Le Puy – Saint-Étienne: from €35 per place
  • Le Puy – Lyon Saint-Exupéry (TGV station & Airport): from €59 per seat.
  • Saint-Étienne – Lyon Saint-Exupéry (TGV station & Airport): from €35 per seat

Thus, Totoom encourages people to abandon the use of personal cars with a price instead of between €0,30 and €0,48 per kilometer.

But actually, what does “Totoom” mean?

It comes from Latin “total” which means “the whole/the whole”. It was to understand the concept of globality of these shuttles which are aimed at everyone. “Except that we replaced the “u” with two “o”s to symbolize the wheels of our vehicles! »

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