And if you came to Haute-Loire to experience unique and timeless moments, in the four corners of the department?

1- Have an aperitif at sunset at the top of Lizieux

In the evening, we find Olivier, our one-night guide to reach the summit of Lizieux before the sun goes down. After a passage in the forest, punctuated by the observations of the guide, the view emerges on the Mézenc massif… Then we arrive at the top of the Pic de Lisieux, in a chaos of granite blocks. The sun is rapidly setting, so we quickly take out the checkered tablecloth, organic bread, charcuterie and local beers from the Rohner brewery to be in place, facing the sunset. A unique moment, suspended…

2- Fly on the water with a paddle at Lac de Lavalette

Glide on the water like a naiad in the deep blue of the Lake Lavalette, it is a moment of great tranquility! Paddling is like walking on water, with the oars and our muscular arms for motor. Once you have acquired the technique, between two strokes of the paddle, you can savor the serenity of this immensity.

3- Sail in an electric boat in the Gorges de la Loire

Rather want a quiet trip on the water with the family? We board an electric boat from the nautical base of Aurec-sur-Loire, in silence so as not to frighten the birds and we sink into the intimacy of the Loire gorges to slide very gently to Saint-Victor-sur-Loire. Zen moment! 

St. Paul Road Opposite the Auberge du Barrage
43110 Aurec-sur-Loire
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4- Experience a "following" walk with the birds of prey of Rochebaron

Au Rochebaron castle, in Bas-en-Basset, it is the birds of prey who are the masters of the place. During the shows, they flirt as much with the castle towers as with our heads! They give us feelings of vertigo with a breathtaking panorama of the Loire gorges. And to get to know these large birds better, we go for a walk around the castle to “walk the birds of prey”: Nicolas, the falconer, then teaches us to call the birds to the fist. Breathtaking experience!

Firm. Opens at 14:00 p.m.
43210 Bass-and-Basset
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5- Venture by canoe in the forgotten gorges of the Loire or the Allier

The Wild Loire

live like a robinson

Like an Indian in the wild Loire or Robinson in the Allier gorges. These still wild gorges are a paradise for those looking for a two-day adventure not far from home. We embark in canoes for a roaming over the water, and it's off to chain rapids, flats and swimming breaks in natural creeks. And we end up landing on a beach to set up the bivouac. A night watching the stars, listening to the night birds, the lapping of the water. Magical !

6- Dive into a crater lake at Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas

Lac du Bouchet is nature in its purest form. The meeting of water and magma is at the origin of this crater lake. In this small setting where the Blue flag floats, we do more than take a dip. We draw volcanic energy from it, we feel the strength of the elements and when we come out of the water, we are revitalized and invigorated. It's like a rebirth!

7- Paddling among the salmon in the Allier gorges

If the salmon do not hesitate to travel thousands of kilometers to spawn in the Allier gorges, it is because this river is exceptional. Wild and tumultuous, it is ideal for those who love rafting and canoeing with the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere.

8- Fly over the Velay volcanoes in a hot air balloon

Not far from Puy-en-Velay, near the castle of Lavoûte-Polignac shrouded in the morning mist, we hear the burner rumble and the balloon inflate little by little. Our aeronaut then beckoned us to board the basket. Our feet leave the ground, the sensation of vertigo is palpable, quickly dissipated when we go beyond the mist. That's it, we're floating above the clouds! We embrace the horizon, flooded by the first rays of the sun. We see the relief of the volcanoes, the Loire winding through the gorges. The hot air balloon skims over the singular monuments of Puy-en-Velay. Depending on the winds, we go beyond the city, the end of the journey is approaching. We assure you, the moment is surprising, almost unreal.

9- Observe the stars on a summit of Meygal

observe the stars

Far from light pollution, in Haute-Loire you can observe up to 3000 stars when the conditions are good. And from the peaks of the Meygal massif, wrapped up in a good blanket, you can observe, scrutinize the Big Dipper, Venus, Cassiopeia, Jupiter in the sky... And if you want to dig deeper into the secrets of this immense universe, the stars will take you to Saint-Julien-Chapteuil to the Betz Observatory.

10 Treat yourself to a VIP visit to Lavaudieu Abbey

Janette, follower of the slow attitude opens the cloister doors Lavaudieu the time of a private visit, when everything is calmer and the monument is closed to the public, in the mildness of a summer evening or an off-season afternoon. Janette tells the story of this 900-year-old place: the visit begins in the village classified among “the Most Beautiful Villages of France”, continues with the superb frescoes of the church and the famous Romanesque cloister, the only one preserved intact in Auvergne. For two people or small groups, the exchange is rich around art, history or architecture. The icing on the cake, the visit ends with a friendly moment around an Auvergne aperitif with local products or a snack depending on the season.

11 Cross the largest Himalayan footbridge in France in the Gorges du Lignon

Perched 63 m above the Lignon, the brand new Gorges du Lignon footbridge takes us a giant step. You will still have to walk 270 m to reach both banks of the river. This footbridge, the longest in France, promises dizzying sensations and adventures à la Indiana Jones.

12 Relax in a spa in the middle of winter in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid

With the arrival of the first snowflakes, we want to wrap ourselves in the warmth of the Sources du Haut Plateau. The spa bubbles in water at 33° and we alternate between relaxing waterfalls, nozzles and massage beds. We go to the panoramic sauna to relax in front of the volcanoes. The temptation is strong to prolong this exquisite feeling of warmth, comfortably seated in front of the fireplace that sits enthroned in the spa, a cup of herbal infusion in hand. Afterwards, we push the pleasure to the extreme by treating ourselves to a dinner in one of the restaurants offered by the gourmet village of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid . Nirvana!

Open. Closes at 19:00 p.m.
9 Boenes Road
43290 Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid
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