To show you how beautiful the Haute-Loire is, we suggest 5 spots for having an aperitif and admiring splendid views overlooking our Altiligerian volcanoes. Follow us !

Friends observe the Ravin de Corboeuf in Haute-Loire


The crests of the Corboeuf ravine in Rosières

It is one of the essential natural monuments of the Haute-Loire! A multicolored clay canyon that is reminiscent of the ridges of Colorado… So during your hike on the Galoche trail (trail of an old railway line), why not take a break there?

The Corboeuf ravine is the Far West in Haute-Loire!

5 spots to have an aperitif and admire splendid views of our volcanoes Haute-Loire Auvergne Gorges Allier


At the foot of the Château de Léotoing

Léotoing is a charming little medieval village, on the heights of the Allagnon valley, where it is pleasant to stroll. In the village, you will discover the old school, the communal oven, the ramparts, the fortified gate, the Romanesque church of Saint-Vincent, listed as a historical monument.

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Aerial view of the village of Chanteuges in Haute-Loire, Auvergne


Backed by the beautiful abbey of Chanteuges

Located at the confluence of the Desges and the Allier, Chanteuges is one of these remarkable villages of Haut-Allier. Built on a basalt spur, the XNUMXth century Benedictine abbey, its priory, its church and its cloister overlook the village and its cobbled streets.


5 spots to have an aperitif and admire splendid views of our Haute-Loire Auvergne Glavenas volcanoes


Sitting on the old stones of the chapel of Glavenas

Located on a rocky peak at 979 m, the Chapel of Glavenas is an unmissable site with a breathtaking panorama over the valley. The place is ideal for a historic aperitif with a view!

Chapel of Glavenas

5 spots to have an aperitif and admire splendid views of our volcanoes haute-loire auvergne


At the top of Lizieux

From up there, the panorama over the juices of the Mézenc and the Meygal is spectacular. As the sun goes down, we take out the checkered tablecloth, organic bread, charcuterie and local drinks. You can also be tempted by the sunrise version with breakfast and headlamp departure…

The Peak of Lizieux

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