I always said to myself “one day, I will bungee jump”. To do something that not everyone does, to surpass myself, to fill up on thrills, to unplug the brain and forget everything for a few seconds. And you know what, it worked!

A 65m high jump over the Gazeille, from the Recoumène viaduct

It is there, in a green setting that stands the majestic Recoumene viaduct and its 8 arches of 25 m opening. I'm not on it yet, but the work is already dizzying. It promises… Gradually, the pressure mounts. Envy too. To do something crazy!

I have barely arrived on site when a Cap Liberty instructor is already picking me up. It's time to tread the bridge. The deadline is approaching ... A few strides later, I reach the center. From the top of the 4e arch we overlook the Gazeille 65 m. The place is ideal for getting some fresh air, but that's not quite what I'm about to do...

Fortunately, a familiar face greets me on the viaduct, all smiles. That of Didier Botta, Les 2 Vents kite school instructor in Estables. A regular in the great outdoors and thrills. Awesome ! He tries the experience of bungee jumping before me! I will be able to take the seed. Seeing him jump without hesitation, camera in hand, reassures me. The jump only lasts a few seconds. It's already my turn...

The ankles firmly attached to the elastic by a professional, I listen to the wise advice of Pierrick, the instructor. “Once on the parapet, you look straight ahead. Do you see the hill over there on the horizon? Well jumping, it's her you have to aim for. » I don't really have time to enjoy it, but it's true that the landscape is magnificent! I look straight ahead, despite everything, I can't help but look down… “The goal is not to drop, but to propel yourself forward, ok? Like an angel leap…” Ok, let's go!

65m high. It's like being on the roof of a building with more than 20 floors. “Ah yes anyway…” The feeling is unique. The blood is racing and my heart is pounding so hard it seems to want to leap out of my chest. So that a few seconds before taking off, I wonder if I'm really going to have the courage to jump. This is completely crazy ! Against nature itself!

But between fear and will, my will prevails. I take my courage in both hands, I clear my head, I stare at the famous hill and I unplug my brain… Feet together, arms outstretched, I jump, straight ahead… I fall. And I scream. My cry echoes throughout the valley. I keep my eyes open to enjoy the show, but everything goes by at breakneck speed. I barely know which way I am. Finally, I see nothing. The elastic comes to an end, I slow down and go back at full speed. Short second of respite… Before another free fall. I still howl, while at the bottom of the valley, Didier laughs.

I've done thrill rides, roller coasters, giant zip lines, free falls... But here, I admit that the feeling is unique. Powerful. The elastic calms down and I regain my senses and my senses. I am lowered slowly towards the river, head down, to the arm of another instructor who frees me from my bonds. “How are you, Gege? " Yes ! But it feels good to be back on solid ground. When I get up, my legs wobble, tremble with emotion. I feel like a fawn standing on its 4 legs for the first time, except that I only have two and I'm not sure they can carry me right away... My first steps are uncertain, but fortunately it's only a short bad time to pass.

Pride quickly takes over. "Sh…hhh…I did it!" » Back on the viaduct, I was given a beautiful diploma to frame. A proof of my achievement, to be sure that people believe me. I did a bungee jump! And I still can't believe it... To end the afternoon, all I had to do was try the giant zip line course. 400 m long for the largest of them, 50 m high and top speeds of 70 km/h… But I was no longer close to that… In addition, this time, I was at least able to enjoy the landscape.

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