The Rocher Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe has just made 50 audio guides available to visitors in French, English and German so as not to miss any of the secrets of this natural and architectural curiosity of Puy-en-Velay. Thanks to them, you can see things crystal clear(r). I tested these little devices for you!

Trilingual audio guides so you don't miss any of the secrets of the Rocher Saint-Michel and its Romanesque chapel

It is often said that curiosity is a bad fault... But not always. When it comes to culture, history, heritage… curiosity feeds the mind. And whether you are a tourist discovering the site of the Rock and its chapel for the first time, or an inhabitant of the territory, curious to know all the secrets of his favorite monument, the desire to know more and more is palpable... C This is where audioguides come into their own!
Precisely, about fifty of them are waiting for you at the reception of the rock. And their use is instinctive, almost childish. The device looks like a large smartphone — what could be more familiar? — to hang around the neck, and equipped with headphones. Then, all you have to do is let yourself be guided... It's almost magical, it happens all by itself: at each stage of the ascent of the rock, the visitor is entitled to history, anecdotes, legends and explanations of the precise place where it is.

The helmet fixed on the ears and the device in hand, I learn that I cross an old farmhouse, then a courtyard where the oxen were shod, and I discover even before the ascent of the rock begins, first explanations on the architecture and history of the famous Saint-Michel chapel…

The whole romanticized by the interventions of Truannus, the canon at the origin of the construction of the chapel in 961, who animates the visit. Sébastien Falcon, site administrator, also speaks in your ears, to pay tribute to Father Roger Martin, for example, who worked a lot for the monument and who today even has his own garden, at the bottom of the rock.

But the audio guide is not just about sound! Its large screen also allows the display of illustrations, maps and photos in addition to the guided tour, so as not to miss anything of the history of the site, its nooks, the geography of the places and its surroundings.
This is not the first time that I have climbed to the top of the rock and have had the pleasure of visiting its chapel. Passionate about art history and medieval architecture, I already knew the secrets of Romanesque art in Velay, its Byzantine influences and its emblematic monuments. But thanks to the audioguide, I was able to discover other treasures. Details that I had hitherto ignored or overlooked…

In addition to its legends, such as that of the maiden anxious to demonstrate her purity by throwing herself from the top of the rock... Or the wonders hidden in the painted decorations of the walls and ceilings of the Saint-Michel chapel... (I laid my eyes for the first time, thanks to the audioguide, on a hidden treasure, in the corner of the choir of the chapel.

The Altar Treasure and its reliquaries. Kept in a display case, coiled up in the dark, the treasures are sheltered from light, almost out of sight. And I had never paid any attention to them before... However, their wealth is matched only by their discretion: an ivory reliquary, a human bone, scraps of cloth, a silver reliquary cross, or even a small Christ on the cross in polychrome olive wood in the Byzantine style… So many objects discovered in 1955, during restoration work which undoubtedly deserve a look.

And on the way out, I made one last discovery. When all you had to do was raise your head… A polychrome and protective hand is painted above the entrance to the chapel. God's hand ? How could I have missed it so far? Thank you audio guide!
For novices, the audio guide lets you know the essentials. For seasoned visitors, it allows you to open your eyes to what you have never seen, never noticed... It informs, it teaches, it recounts, it learns. It also hosts... With this tool, the complete visit lasts between 1h15 and 1h30, but whatever happens, you remain in control of the time. An "express version" is also offered in the home menu for those in a hurry.

When leaving, it even accompanies your descent to music. "A Gregorian chant recorded in the Saint-Michel chapel itself". That is the demand of the people ?
Now it's your turn to try it. See you soon on the rock of Aiguilhe!
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