Eyes wide open, laughter, cries: discover the whirlwind of emotions they went through for their first Terre de Géants show, a unique and fun adventure on the secrets of Haute-Loire!

Between fear, laughter and sensations... With Terre de Géants, we were full of emotions

Eyes are wide open in front of the Terre de Géants show which takes place in the Saint-Alexis chapel, in the upper town of Puy-en-Velay, just 100 m from the cathedral! A historical setting for a unique digital and interactive show in France! And the result is stunning!

“Magic”, “Too good”, “Funny”, launch the youngest. “What I liked was discovering the Haute-Loire. » '

For others it was a real journey through time and sensations: “Me, I traveled, I went back years… Really great! » ; "Full of different emotions, we laughed, we were scared". And how not to appreciate the special effects?

"The feeling of the wind when you change landscapes...it's extraordinary"

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