Who stole Abel Grimmer's 12 Flemish paintings?
Conduct the investigation through the heritage of Montfaucon-en-Velay.
It's the theme of a Escape Game life-size set up by the Haut Pays du Velay Tourist Office. A riddle inspired by real events! Can you find the culprit in the allotted time?

But first, who is Abel Grimmer?

Born in Antwerp around 1575 from a family of painters, Abel Grimmer naturally became a painter himself. At the time, he was known as the equal of Jean Breughel, another Flemish painter. He died in 1619 after having produced a collection of 1592 paintings on wooden panels in 12, which became the property of the commune of Montfaucon. These paintings have been classified as historical monuments since 1914.

What are these paintings and why did they inspire a game?

The 12 Flemish paintings by Abel Grimmer are exhibited and kept in the Notre Dame chapel, in the heart of Montfaucon-en-Velay. Their particularity? They represent two themes. One religious, recounting the life of Jesus and the other secular, representing the Flemish life of the 12th century during the XNUMX months of the year.

But what made them famous was their flight on June 27, 1995. At the time, the competent authorities were alerted and an investigation was carried out by the Clermont-Ferrand SRPJ. And in November 1995, the first arrests took place in Aveyron and in December, the receiver was in turn apprehended as he prepared to flee with the paintings...

An outdoor escape game inspired by a news item

Return to June 27, 1995, the day the paintings disappeared and slip into the shoes of a detective! Equipped with a booklet and an investigator's case to be obtained from the Montfaucon Tourist Office, set off to discover the town's heritage in an original and fun way through an astonishing treasure hunt. Can you unravel the mystery in less than 2 hours?

It's up to you to show ingenuity and cooperation to solve the puzzles. Observe the heritage, look for the clues and get your hands on the resulting codes... Brainstorm! A game to play with family or friends from 5 years old!

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