Do you like going back in time and admiring nature in an original or even unprecedented way? We have what you need ! A retro train trip that offers the most beautiful panoramas over the department. We call that tourist trains. And you know what ? There are several in the department for trips and viewpoints like you've never seen!

Travel back in time with the Livradois-Forez tourist trains

The Livradois-Forez tourist trains offer several routes through mountains and forests. The first follows the Dore between La Chaise-Dieu and Ambert. The second joins the Loire at Estivareilles from La Chaise-Dieu, again, passing through Sembadel, Jullianges, Craponne-sur-Arzon and Usson-en-Forez. That is, 42 km of viaducts, tunnels, streams and grandiose panoramas...

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