We are very familiar with green lentils from Le Puy and Fin Gras from Mézenc… But some local specialties are decidedly original. Do you know artisous cheese and hay liqueur? We tell you everything!

Taste a cheese matured by thousands of small craftsmen

And the artisous then, “qu'es aquò”? Well precisely, it's a word derived from Occitan, given to these little beasts of the mite family who love cheese! A chance for us, because they have the power to refine it in the best possible way.

When they are given a cheese, they shape it and aerate its rind to give it a particular taste. A unique flavor that you will love! To discover this speciality, go directly to the farm or to the weekly markets! In Puy-en-Velay and Brioude, it's every Saturday morning. In Yssingeaux and Langeac, it's every Thursday morning!

Sip a Mézenc hay liqueur

The "cittern" is the emblem of the hay meadows of the Mézenc plateaus. It is he who feeds the animals at Fin Gras in the spring. But what exactly is cittern? This is the local name given to the fennel of the Alps which populates the Mézenc plateau. A plant with an aniseed taste and smell that gave ideas to Brigitte and Jean-François from the Domaine des Marmottes in Fay-sur-Lignon. They have brought up to date a recipe handed down by the elders of the plateau: hay liqueur.

A filtering technique to observe during visits to the farm and the laboratory that smell good jams and sorbets. The hay liqueur also won the 2nd prize for innovation at the Golden Farmers in 2012!

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