Located at the foot of the Mézenc in the village of Estables, the À la Bonne Fourche farm offers a host of activities for young and old, all year round. The opportunity to discover alongside Cathy and Bernard Bonnefoy, the fabulous landscapes of our mountains, the secrets of farm animals, the work of farmers, and their specialty: Fin Gras du Mézenc (AOP).

Noah's Ark, House of Happiness or a tale by the Brothers Grimm against a background of musicians from Bremen, it's hard to make a choice... The farm at the Good Fork, it's a bit of all of these things. On the one hand, there is Bernard Bonnefoy, cattle breeder from father to son for several generations — his 30 Aubracs have been grazing on the slopes of the Mézenc for 150 years... — And on the other, Cathy Bonnefoy who since 2013 has been developing an agrotourism activity around the farm, "as an extension of our agricultural activity".

The farm At La Bonne Fourche in Estables in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

And the least we can say is that Cathy has no shortage of ideas for making the joys of the farm known, and this, summer, like winter. Educational visits, pony rides, hikes with a donkey, snacks on the farm, immersive workshops to discover the farming profession, or even presentation of Fin Gras du Mézenc AOP with Bernard for the older ones. Everyone has their own formula...

Farm visits as educational as they are gourmet

The farm À la Bonne Fourche at the foot of the Mézenc in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

And the kids want more! Chickens, rabbits, cows, ponies, donkeys, goats, foals, sheep... Our 4 and 2 legged friends are everywhere. As for Cathy Bonnefoy, she has no shortage of questions and anecdotes to arouse the curiosity of little darlings. “Can hens lay several eggs a day? », « Who is the foal's dad? », « What is the difference between straw and hay? » At the end of the visit, the knowledge of the children on the farm, but also on the environment which surrounds them, the mountain and its flora, is encyclopaedic!

And to the farm at the Good Fork, the discoveries are also tasty! THE hay syrups and jellies, you know ? Around 16 p.m., these sweet treats are always added to Cathy's visits, to the delight of little (and big) gourmets.

Gourmet farm visits in Les Estables in Haute-Loire, Auvergne
Overview of agrotourism activities at the À la Bonne Fourche farm:
  • Farm visits throughout the year for schoolchildren, the disabled public, camps or summer camps
  • Discovery of the farm with the family (one day/week during school holidays by reservation)
  • “Little farmer” workshop : 2 hours of animal care and petting, cleaning of boxes, feeding… followed by a cooking workshop around pancakes or a hay cake.
  • Immersion "In the boots of a farmer" out of season from 17 p.m. 
  • pony rides 1 hour on a longe, independently or accompanied, with or without preparation of the mount
  • Hikes with a donkey half-day, full-day or bivouac
  • Rider welcome: paddock or meadow hay, saddlery, barley, oats, wheat, minerals…
  • Gîtes, rooms and table d'hôtes

The À la Bonne Fourche farm also has 3 gites in the heart of the village of Les Estables and a table d'hôtes

For comfortable sleeps in the heart of the Mézenc mountains, Cathy Bonnefoy offers several charming accommodations in a natural, calm and relaxing setting. A trailer (4 persons) for lovers of unusual nights. For a night (or stay) with family or lovers, live the bohemian life, closer to nature, the farm and its animals.

Caravan (4 people) at the farm À la Bonne Fourche at the foot of the Mézenc in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Un charismatic gite de 14 people, The Chalet du Pradel, just 100 m from the farm, offers a panoramic view of the landscapes of the Mézenc massif. It is ideal for those traveling in a group or family! Hikers, riders or holidaymakers passing through... everyone is welcome. And finally, The Chardonnet Gate, a cottage for 5 people located in the heart of the village, on one level and on the ground floor, with a "mountain chalet" atmosphere, with all the comfort necessary for spending a green holiday, in the heart of the landscapes hilly Mézenc.

The Chalet du Pradel, just 100m from the À la Bonne Fourche farm in Les Estables in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Home Rider

Recently, Cathy and Bernard Bonnefoy have done what is necessary to welcome riders and their mounts to the farm. This recognition Accueil Cavalier” (established as part of the Ecological Recovery and Transition Contract) thus promises travelers on horseback a warm and comfortable welcome for both them and their four-legged friends: attachment point, saddlery, paddock or meadow hay, barley, oats, wheat or minerals on request, shower arrangement…

Home Rider at the farm At La Bonne Fourche in Estables in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Cathy's peasant table, for real holidays!

And for those on vacation who only dream of setting foot under the table while discovering local specialties, Cathy Bonnefoy has everything planned! Upon reservation, she offers to invite them to her table, around a " home-made traditional peasant cuisine, respecting the seasons and short circuits.

On the menu ? Of Fin Gras du Mézenc of course, cheese from Haute-Loire, wine from the Ardèche, a local aperitif à la Mézenc hay liqueur (there's even an assorted digestive!) and a hearty menu with the good taste of our mountains.

Fin Gras from Mézenc (AOP)

Le Fin Gras du Mézenc is a beef whose animals were fed with hay from the meadows of the Mézenc massif. A hay that Bernard calls “the caviar of the Mézenc mountains”. Particularly rich in aromatic plants, it gives the meat its unique and tasty aroma. A marbled meat found only in spring (from February to June) and who makes Fin Gras du Mézenc a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) seasonal.

La Mézenc Fin Gras Festival is also celebrated every year at the beginning of June!

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