Autumn, its beautiful days, its warm colors and sometimes its remanences of summer call for walks in the forests and indulgence. So, we take advantage of nature and its treasures, like at the Haut-Allier restaurant in Pont d'Alleyras, the Michelin-starred restaurant of the Brun family who every autumn like to put nature on their plate.

Recipe around ceps with chef Clément BRUN in Pont-d'Alleyras

Au Haut-Allier restaurant, there is no autumn without mushrooms. Ceps, chanterelles, chanterelles, sparassis and other milk caps are kings. And on the plates of the restaurant as on the menu, ceps lead the dance. After a walk in the forest in the Allier gorges, not far from Alleyras in search of the precious mushroom, the young chef Clément BRUN offered us his festive recipe!

“Oyster sweets, grilled porcini mushrooms and their meurette sauce”: a combination of land and sea that he regularly puts on the menu of the restaurant in Haut-Allier when autumn is just around the corner and he was kind enough offer us a simplified version so you can try it at home!
A feast meal ? A birthday ? Family's dinner ? Follow the recipe!

“Grilled porcini mushrooms and oyster sweets with meurette sauce”

For 4 people | Preparation: 45 mins | Cooking: 20 mins

– 10 small porcini mushrooms
– 100 g of peanuts
– For 10 oyster candies: 10 trimmed oysters • 1 tbsp. finely chopped and washed shallots • A few drops of tabasco • 10 g lemon juice • 4 tbsp. coffee oyster sauce • 40 g oyster juice (take the 2nd water) • 5 g finely chopped capers • 2 chopped gherkins •
– 250 g of water • 12 g of kappa (Carrageenan Kappa is a seaweed-based gelling agent)
– For the meurette sauce: 1 shallot, minced • 80 g raw ham heel • 2 g black pepper • 750 g red wine • 500 g mushroom cooking water (or stock) • 500 g brown stock poultry • A few grams of cornstarch • 375 g of butter

Prep time
Oyster candies:
Mix all the finely chopped ingredients.
Set in molds (or the bottom of a cup for example) in the freezer, giving the shape of a candy, with a toothpick stuck in it.
Mix the water and the cold kappa and bring to the boil. Dip the candies well in the water and kappa mixture. Repeat the operation once or twice.

The red wine sauce:
Sweat the finely chopped shallots, the raw ham cut into small pieces and the pepper.
Add the red wine just flambéed, the mushroom cooking water, the chicken stock and the curry paste. Bind with cornstarch if necessary. Whisk in butter. Mix and sieve.

Fry the porcini mushrooms with olive oil, garlic. Baste them well with butter during cooking (a few minutes). If you haven't found any small caps and your porcini mushrooms are larger, cut them in half, square them and snack them in the same way.

Peanut condiment:
Roast the peanuts in the oven, mix, salt, lengthen with water if necessary until you obtain a fairly thick paste.
Keep a few peanuts to grate on the dish when serving.

For dressing:
Arrange the mushrooms, the peanut condiment and the oyster candies. Add the murette sauce. Grate some peanuts on top when serving.
All that's left is to taste!

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43580 Alleyras
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In autumn, we rediscover the Lac du Bouchet and its appearance as a Canadian lake

Not far from Alleyras, just a 20-minute drive away, Lac du Bouchet located in the towns of Cayres and Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas takes on its most beautiful autumn colors! Red, brown, yellow, green, with in the center the blue of the water of this crater lake perched at an altitude of 1 m, labeled "Blue Flag". An emblematic place in Haute-Loire and a paradise for walkers, runners and fishermen in all seasons.

Walks and gluttony, all the pleasures of autumn are in the Gorges de l'Allier Haute-Loire, Auvergne lac bouchet

Between the two fishing periods: from January 1 to August 31 for the general public and between September 1 and December 31 for sport fishing; but also swimming, stand-up paddle and pedalo during the tourist season or even diving with the Club Vellave, Lac du Bouchet has no shortage of nature activities.
A lake full of stories and mysteries…
The Lac du Bouchet is a lake, rich in stories and legends that Marilyne AVONT, guide lecturer in the Pays d'Art et d'Histoire du Haut-Allier (PAH) knows like the back of her hand. And for good reason, every year, she is responsible for showing him around for the PAH...

The lake is indeed located in place of the old village of Bouchet. And a legend tells that the Gods, exasperated by the behavior of the inhabitants of the hamlet, came to speak to the most charitable soul of the village: an old lady whose only good was a goat. The Gods asked him to leave with his goat, never looking back on the way. Otherwise, the village would be engulfed by a huge wave.
The old lady left. But halfway, she heard a noise behind her… She turned around. And a huge wave engulfs the village. Since then, at the place where she turned, there is a stone cross with the head of the goat carved on it. It is called "The Cross of the Goat".

Small family hikes that set off to discover the secrets of this crater lake.
Two trails allow you to discover the particularities of Lac du Bouchet: The Garou trail (PR 655), which is an easy and family loop of 5 km which allows you to know the character of "Garou". But this time, it's not a legend… “Garou”, Pierre Brin of his real name, really existed!
In the 50s and 60s, he lived on the shores of the lake in a large barrel with a capacity of 5 litres, placed vertically on the ground and topped with a pointed roof. Pierced by a door and a window, Garou lived here as a hermit. He called the forest “his paradise”. To survive, he lent a hand to the local peasants in exchange for a little money or food.

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