Specialist in quilted fabrics, but not only…

From lace to haute couture to interior quilted fabrics, there is only one step. The proof with D'Ennery confection, a company founded in 1946, which as a worthy heir to the Altiligerian textile tradition, strives to supply exceptional quilts, plaids, bed throws or sofa covers. But in 70 years, its know-how has greatly evolved, today with new projects and new achievements..

Great palaces among its customers

En 1946, date of creation of the D'Ennery company, the company was obviously linked to the lace. But over the years, D'Ennery confection has evolved… First in the 70s, when it transformed its looms to make lace bedspreads and other doilies. Then in the 80s, when the D'Ennery workshops devoted themselves to production of quilting fabrics : duvets, bedspreads, quilts, plaids and furnishing decoration… in different sectors of activity: hotels and restaurants, tourist residences and lodges, communities and residences, retirement homes or even luxury. "We do a lot of tailor-made." Of great Parisian palaces thus trust D'Ennery confection: the Royal Monceau, the Meurice, the Georges V...

D'Ennery - Manufacture of quilting fabrics in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Haute couture and construction

But the Altiliger enterprise does not stop there. Since 2020, D'Ennery confection has entered the world of fashion, making haute couture clothing (jacket lining, down jackets, etc.), and more recently, in construction, with the creation of wall hangings insulating heat and sound.

Even more original, D'Ennery is also baskets for animals, horse saddles, boat sails, coated tablecloths: marine navigation or IGN charts, gastronomic maps of France and planispheres in coated fabric, or more children's sleeping bags.

Creation of coated fabric cards in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

We are only three companies in France to do this job

With multiple strings to its bow, the D'Ennery company is attentive to all projects. Fabric, cut, preparation, fittings, assembly of materials, custom quilting, padding, classic or personalized stitching patterns, filling according to needs (polyester wadding, wool, silk, insulating film, foam), cut to your ribs, finishes adapted: bias, edge to edge, piping, braid, added band, hem, overlock, zipper, Velcro, press studs). The whole, designed and manufactured in France from A to Z.

Un unique and authentic know-how for which, moreover, there is no training. “There is no quilting school. Apprenticeship is done internally over generally 2 years,” adds Geoffroy Millet, who is keen on this transmission of knowledge. “People very often don't even know that we exist and that there is this know-how on their territory. To recover talents, we need to make ourselves known."

Personalized tours of the workshop

Reason why, in addition to its annual flea market (every 3es Saturdays in October) dedicated to the inhabitants of the territory, D'Ennery confection opens the doors of its production workshop to the public, by appointment (up to 15 people max), to discover the work of the seamstresses, the operation of the machines and the different stages Manufactured by D'Ennery.

Living Heritage Companies, a prestigious label that contributes to the attractiveness of the territory

Traditional techniques on one side, then perpetual research and innovations on the other. This is the brilliant paradox maintained by D'Ennery, but also by all the other labeled companies Living Heritage Companies (EPV). They are 13 in Haute Loire to reconcile innovation and tradition, know-how and creation, work and passion, or even heritage and future, all of this on a local or even international scale.

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