Built in the XNUMXth century then remodeled several times throughout history, the Château de Chavaniac-Lafayette, a true witness to history and its illustrious owner, the famous Marquis de Lafayette, is now open to visitors. Visits sometimes like no other.

Visits like no other at the Château de Chavaniac-Lafayette

The Château de Chavaniac-Lafayette does not do things by halves… To bring history to life, it brings out its finest costumes. A troupe of actors then takes possession of the old fortified house to take visitors back to the time of General Marquis de Lafayette, in the heart of the XNUMXth century, in the footsteps of this extraordinary historical figure who was even known across the Atlantic. Don't miss the theatrical tours of the Château de Lafayette! There are several until the end of October.

A little word about the Marquis de Lafayette

On September 6, 1757 was born, at the Château de Chavaniac, Gilbert Motier Marquis de Lafayette. The child of the Country, engaged at 19 in the War of Independence of the United States of America, friend of George Washington, becomes the “Hero of two worlds”.

Lafayette never ceased, throughout his life, to defend the freedom of individuals and peoples. In the revolutionary turmoil, he wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which will be fully adopted in 1958 via the constitution of the Fifth Republic.

Discovering the secret gardens of the Château de Chavaniac-Lafayette

The castle is not the only marvel of the place. All around, the park, with its 3 ha landscaped in the style of the XNUMXth century, is home to nearly a hundred species of trees and shrubs, including many North American species. Witnesses to the rigorous management of the park "à la française", over the last century, the rows of trees are still well preserved and constitute beautiful, well-distributed landscaped ensembles.

It also presents beautiful subjects of a certain age: Vancouver firs, red-flowered chestnut trees, Atlas cedars, Lawson cypresses, bald cypresses, red oaks and bog oaks, ginkgo, purple beech, metasequoia, walnut and black walnuts, white mulberries, giant cedars…

Among them, one will not fail to observe the Chêne de Lafayette, three centuries old, and the Tree of the Moon, between the rose garden and the arboretum, which is of particular historical interest. It is a Norway Maple, born from one of the seeds carried into space by Stuart Roosa aboard Apollo 14 in 1971. This seed was offered to Raymond Pagés and planted in the grounds of the Château de Chavaniac- Lafayette on the occasion of the bicentennial of the United States Declaration of Independence, in 1976.

The rose garden, located below the main courtyard, offers a remarkable view of the castle and the entire park. At its end, framed by two Soulange magnolias and set in a case of yew and boxwood topiaries, a stele is erected in honor of Lafayette as well as Washington.

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