Based on the heights of Espaly-Saint-Marcel for 160 years, Fontanille Scop has a wealth of comprehensive know-how, from design (bobbin lace, weaving, mesh) to the packaging of items: fashion and medical garters for compression stockings, ribbons, sports elastics, elastic bands… This is where Fontanille Scop stands out! But not only… Here are the 4 reasons that make Fontanille a unique company.

1 - Its organization in Scop

It stands out first by its operation. When its future was threatened in 2012 to the point of risking closure, the company's 46 or so employees came together to take over the business as a Purpose (Cooperative and participatory society). That's what saved him. After nearly 35 years of good and loyal service within the company, Philippe Ribeyre has just taken over as CEO, succeeding Rolland Arnaud. For them, it's simple, “it was unthinkable to let this know-how disappear”.

2 - Its ancestral know-how

La bobbin lace, this is what made Fontanille famous. This is the oldest activity of the company, 160 years ago. 60 spindle looms are in action every day in the company's workshops, some of which are decades old. They use the jacquard technique: punched cards make it possible to draw the trajectory and the design of the spindles. Of the century-old professions who bear witness to this ancestral know-how. THE elaborate and refined lace to whom they give birth, are mainly used by the major luxury lingerie houses.

Elaborate and refined lace at Fontanille Scop in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

3 - His versatility and the diversity of his techniques

But Fontanille Scop is also weaving (40 looms that produce up to 2500 m per week), mesh (40 hook looms: up to 3000 m per week and 14 Rachel looms: up to 25000 m per week). Ennoblement : there are two dyeing modes, the continuous dyeing (5 machines) and the dive dye for which 5 machines are activated to produce much deeper and darker colours.

Weaving at Fontanille Scop in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Finally, place atcoating. A process that involves put liquid silicone on the tape to give it grip, improve leg support and comfort. 5 machines carry out coating work at Fontanille Scop through different processes : waves, films, dots, cells… on any type of textile support, elastic or rigid. The company is also one of the European leaders in the field.

At the end of the chain, the laces and ribbons are then packaged before shipping: folding into reels or containers.

Laces and ribbons packaged by Fontanille Scop in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

4 - Its values: transmission, innovation and eco-responsibility

Always Fontanille Scop aims for excellence. Through its know-how and its transmission, but also through innovation, through new products or new processes. Constant improvement and strength of proposal are the watchwords of the small ponote company which makes it a point of honor to respond to the various challenges launched by its customers.

Lace and elastic ribbons 100% made in France, Fontanille Scop in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Le respect for the environment and sustainable development are also essential issues for Fontanille Scop, which has a thought for the planet in all its productions. “We make every effort to reduce our environmental impact”: treatment of dyeing wastewater, sorting of waste, installation of a generator to reduce energy consumption by 40%. "That's more than 50 tonnes of CO2 not released into the air per year, or 76 return flights between Paris and New York" can be read on their website.

Living Heritage Companies, a prestigious label that contributes to the attractiveness of the territory

Traditional techniques on one side, then perpetual research and innovations on the other. Such is the brilliant paradox that Fontanille Scop, but also all other labeled companies Living Heritage Companies (EPV). They are 13 in Haute Loire to reconcile innovation and tradition, know-how and creation, work and passion, or even heritage and future, all of this on a local or even international scale.


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