Cycling & cheeses, itineraries served on a platter. It's not because we love the little queen that we are not greedy, quite the contrary! So, we recommend two itineraries filled with cheese stages to combine the pleasure of gams and refined encounters with the good taste of the Haute-Loire region...

A gourmet break among the treasures of the Allier gorges...

We go on the mythical cyclosportive "La Pierre Chany" named in honor of the famous sports journalist from Langeac. We follow the steep reliefs of the Gorges de l'Allier with breaks in the restaurants which reveal tasty cheese platters. We stroll through the markets where local producers unpack their dairy treasures. We stop at farms to better understand the work of farmers.

In Haute-Loire, cycling is a big deal!

Now Brancouny Farm (Saugues), Hélène and Jean-Pierre welcome us. We meet their cows, we follow the milking, and we fill our backpack with Tomme des Montagnes, dessert creams or “Grassouillet”, this whole milk cheese weighing more than 4 kg!
These organic dairy lovers may not tell you, but their tomme aux artisous has won several awards at agricultural competitions!

A few pedal strokes in the land of Saint-Agur, on the heights of Mézenc

In the footsteps of Great crossing of the Haute-Loire in VTT which takes us to the heights of the Mézenc and the gorges of the Loire, we take advantage of 24 stages that smell good of rennet. It's time to enjoy the famous Saint-Agur in Beauzac or the variety of Gerentes mountain milk products in Araules. In this traditional dairy, we better understand the passion for milk that is transmitted from generation to generation by farmers. And if you go there in the morning, you can even observe the manufacturing workshop.
– East section of the Grande Traversée de la Haute-Loire (departing from Beauzac): 295 km, 5 m of elevation gain, 084 to 5 days.

Artisou de Haute-Loire on the way to the AOP

After Le Puy Green Lentil and Fin Gras du Mézenc, Artisou de Haute-Loire bends over backwards to join the “select” club of AOP (Protected Designation of Origin). Research in living memory to prove its historical existence, drafting of specifications to establish its quality: the producers have the fervent desire to have this highly appreciated raw cow's milk cheese recognized, which stands out thanks to its mites (artisous in Vellavian patois).

These little creatures love this raw cow's milk cheese so much that they spend their lives pecking at it. The tunnels they dig make it possible to refine it, thus giving it all its character: an incomparable taste with the smells of mushrooms and hazelnuts.

The brotherhood of Haute-Loire proud to make cheese taste the artisous on the colorful markets.

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