Little detectives or big gourmands love spring to carry out the investigation in the open air in the 4 corners of the department. First, there are the bells! From March 23 to April 6, how can you resist the call of chocolate in Haute-Loire? Young and old, armed with their buckets, bags and baskets are called upon to hunt down chocolate eggs, chickens and other rabbits lost all over the territory.

This is the case at Fortress of Polignac which organizes a giant egg hunt every year with more than 12.000 eggs to find, but also visit the towns of Jullianges, Sainte-Sigolène, Chamalières-sur-Loire, Beaulieu, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, Aurec-sur -Loire or even Yssingeaux and Retournac… for a shower of chocolate, but beware of a liver crisis!

Chocolate or gold coins?

And for those who don't like chocolate, there are still treasure hunts! Treasure hunts, life-size investigations and other Escape games on foot or by bike are also open to budding detectives this spring!


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