Entering the workshop of Pascale and Stéphane Richy is an appointment with 40 years of know-how. It's like a journey through time, through centuries of history or sometimes more breathtaking universes... It's the fusion of 4 passions: that of theater and performance, that of history, then sewing and fabrics. So many passions that give birth to these “Made in Haute-Loire” costumes. Welcome to this workshop like no other.

Not like the others, because their know-how is unique, the fruit of 40 years of clothing research. Not like the others, because the workshop of Puss in Boots, we make a costume from A to Z, in all that it contains. All its textile parts: pants or skirt, pants, waistcoat, jacket... But also all its accessories: buttons, felt, feather or fur hats, belts, boots and shoes, bags, purses and other jewelry … It's simple, to the workshop of Puss in Boots, we know how to do everything. And besides, not just anyhow!

What makes the ponot workshop unique is above all its techniques. That of Pascale Richy, costume designer, whose specialty lies in cutting clothes in the style of the era from which they come. Its know-how is based on cutting-edge research in terms of styles, fashions, materials and manufacturing techniques, for costumes that are ever more faithful to the originals. AT Puss in Boots Workshop, we finally do a job as a historian as much as a couturier.

In order to copy the original objects, we look for the old operating modes and identify the materials used.

Stéphane Richy at the Atelier du Chat Botté in Puy-en-Velay in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

In other words, whether the costume is from the Middle Ages, prehistory, the Revolution or the Great War, it is made according to the techniques of the time. More than just costumes, they are high-end, documented and historical reconstructions.

Techniques that Pascale and Stéphane Richy know inside out and make it a point of honor to pass on to their young apprentices. "So when we're back at school, we don't do anything like everyone else!" But in the end, isn't that the whole richness of this workshop?

Apprentice at the Chat Botté workshop in Puy-en-Velay in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Here, moreover, there are not only sewing machines, fabrics and costumes... There is also a Bookcases well stocked. Studies carried out by historians, art historians and archaeologists, boards and historical statements of clothing, old cutting treaties... "Hundreds of books that talk about costumes and manufacturing methods over time", they point out.

A multitude of professions gathered in one place

And in 40 years, as much to say that the list of know-how of Puss in Boots Workshop has been widely developed. Pascale and Stéphane are dressmakers, of course, but also hatters, leatherworkers, shoemakers and shoemakers, goldsmiths, modellers, coppersmiths, embroiderers, trimmers, dyers… They finally have several professions, several strings to their bow. This is their particularity!

Creation of historic hats at the Atelier du Chat Botté in Puy-en-Velay in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Reason why many are those to trust them throughout France and the world: artists et theater, dance or operetta groups, museums, exhibition spaces, “but also, customers specializing in historical reconstructions” from Europe, the United States or Canada. Finally, even if it is not their main clientele, private individuals can also go and see them. Especially since their showroom in full Puy-en-Velay town center offers, among other things, pieces available for sale, in particular for the famous Renaissance Festivals of the King of the Bird.

Do you know ?

The small expert hands of the Atelier du Chat Botté created, in 2022, a costume embroidered with 300.000 colored metallic sequins for the famous clown Jean Lambert-Wild. A real work of goldsmith which required 8 months of research and work.

A place of transmission of unique knowledge

More than just a workshop, Puss in Boots Workshop is also a training and internship center for costume designers, intermittent entertainers, dressmakers or seasoned living history enthusiasts to acquire new skills. “We offer professional training, courses on costume and accessories, for entertainment, cinema and living history. As well as training eligible for the personal training account by the organization Maya Campus.

Puss in Boots Costume designer in Puy-en-Velay made in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Living Heritage Companies, a prestigious label that contributes to the attractiveness of the territory

Traditional techniques on one side, then perpetual research and innovations on the other. Such is the brilliant paradox that Puss in Boots Workshop, but also all other labeled companies Living Heritage Companies (EPV). They are 13 in Haute Loire to reconcile innovation and tradition, know-how and creation, work and passion, or even heritage and future, all of this on a local or even international scale.

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