Well no ! No need. Because in Haute-Loire, there is already everything you need! The department is indeed dotted with wild gorges, intimate beaches and blue water lakes that call for leisure and swimming! And as we know that some are difficult to convince, we give you some arguments...

Oh good ? Didn't go to the sea this year? '

Nautical activities await you in Haute-Loire!

Sailing, rowing, pedalo, giant paddle or dragon boat (20 paddlers, a drummer and a helmsman) at the Lake Lavalette. Stand-up paddle on the splendid Lac du Bouchet, or even wakeboarding and two-seater towed buoy at the Saugues lake.

But that's not all ! In Haute-Loire, there are also rivers and streams. How about a ride canoeing on the Loire or the Allier? And for thrill seekers, there is also rafting, still in the Gorges de l'Allier .

You can also frolic in the water without being afraid of jellyfish

In Haute-Loire we can find 10 swimming spots monitored in the wild and even, the first biological pool in Auvergne, in Saugues, which filters its water with reeds!

Make sand castles without the tide to cover them

At the Chadron bridge, in the Loire gorges or in Chilhac and Lavoûte-Chilhac in the Allier gorges, the fine sandy beaches give children (or adults) plenty of time to build good old castles of sand. How to get tired of it?

Catch wild fish without getting seasick!

Our lakes and rivers are full of dashing and various fish for the greatest pleasure of budding fishermen or confirmed. So here are our favorites for getting out the fishing rod.

Fish for frying on the Loire or the Allier and American crayfish

  • As a family, why not fish fry on the Loire or Allier and the crayfish American on the scale. In Tence, in the Lignon, or at the Vacheresse pond, at Lavalette or even at the Bathelane lake…. playgrounds abound.

Hunt down the mythical brown trout

Solo to hunt down the mythical fario trout and grayling over 3 km classified in 300st category and try to capture the discreet cristivomer at Bouchet lake, or at Malaguet Lake , a mecca for fly fishing

Fishing trout with natural bait

Between father and son with the “Emotion Pêche” stays, or accompanied by a fishing guide trout with natural bait

And finally, to be able to explore the bottom of the water without coming out all salty!

By the way, did you know that it is possible to find gold and semi-precious minerals in the Allier River? We invite you to play gold diggers in the Gorges de l'Allier as part of a gold panning workshop. The icing on the cake, you can leave with your finds!

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