It has been more than 30 years since these small mammals found their place on the Altiligerian heights and we must believe that they like it there, since the population of marmots continues to expand on the Mézenc massif... What if we went observe them in their natural environment?

We call it the “ Haute-Loire alpine marmot ". Yes Yes ! You heard correctly. And even if our mountains are lower than those of the Alps, that does not prevent these cute balls of fur from making themselves comfortable on the slopes of the Mézenc where there is a population of more than 500 marmots and marmots.

Historically, however, it was absent in Auvergne, before being reintroduced in the 80s in Estables and its surroundings. Today, the rodent population seems to have stabilized, to the delight of nature and biodiversity lovers. Indeed on sunny days, the marmot is the star of hikers on the Mézenc who, with binoculars in hand, scan the landscape in the hope of seeing their touching faces. And that’s not an easy thing!

Preserve marmot populations on the Mézenc

Because these little animals are known to be particularly discreet! So to observe them, it is better to be well accompanied... Binoculars (provided by the organizer) and telephoto lens around your neck, we arm ourselves with patience and we reserve ourselves an educational and family nature outing (from 6 years old) with a chaperone Hiking Nature Guide. Half-day walks (approximately 2 hours of walking) are ideal for discovering the animal and passing on some prevention messages in order to preserve the marmot populations on the massif.

Let's protect the marmots

  • Do not approach burrows
  • Don't stray from the trails
  • Do not feed groundhogs
  • Watch out for your dogs!

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