The Haute-Loire is a department with a generous, preserved and wild nature that some have learned to tame for the pleasure of the eyes or the taste buds. And you know what ? In addition to being beautiful, Auvergne nature is as rich as it is good.

A nature as generous as it is tasty

And it's not Charlie Braesch (The Taste of the Wild, Solignac-sous-Roche) and Anne-Marie Besson (Les Herbes sauvage, Riotord) who will say the opposite… With them, it is possible to discover the simple joys of bush picking and cooking wild plants.

Discovery, picking wild food herbs, cooking and tasting for one. Workshop and courses on rich and varied themes (wild plants and their uses, soil and bio-indicator plants, trees and their structure, etc.) for the other... With these two modern-day druids, discover the nature that surrounds like you've never seen.

In spring, marvel at its colorful atmospheres

When spring comes, open your eyes wide!
Because the flowers cover the meadows of the plateaus of the Haut Lignon, Mezenc and Margeride. After the white coat of winter, nature dresses in its most beautiful yellow coat, that made of daffodils.

And each set has its own atmosphere. When the Mézenc, the highest point of the Haute-Loire, offers you a 360° view of the surrounding nature (up to the Alps!), the Haut-Lignon captivates you with its volcanic decorations and its green chlorophyll as far as the eye can see .

Hiking, bike, mountain bike, swimming in the river, golf and putting golf, gyropod/segway, riding, river and pond fishing, between, acrobatic course, educational farm, electric scooter… And there are plenty of opportunities to breathe fresh air.

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