It is a must in the department! Nicknamed the little Auvergne Colorado, this atypical site can be discovered during a family walk along part of La Galoche, the old railway line which notably linked Lavoûte-sur-Loire and Yssingeaux.

Crawl near the ridges of the little Auvergne Colorado

With a little imagination, you could imagine yourself in a Clint Eastwood film set. On the crests of the Corboeuf ravine, the Far West is not so far away and the spectacle is worth the detour... It is this canyon of multicolored clay, nestled between volcanoes and Gorges de la Suissesse, which gives the small village of Rosières an undeniable tourist interest.

It is a spectacle of nature, a 40 million year old geological curiosity that unfolds before your eyes. The vestiges of a thousand-year-old time when the plain of the Emblavez and the basin of puy were just a huge lake. As for these small touches of red, green, blue, ochre… These are the sediments that remain from this immense and ancient body of water, giving this landscape the appearance of a postcard from the other side of the world. , even from another planet…

The canyon is prohibited, but a 3,2 km trail surrounds the site.

Accessible on foot or by bike, the site has several viewpoints over the ravine. If you take advantage of a beautiful view from the hamlet of Chastel (Rosières), it is by taking the 3,2 km discovery trail that surrounds it that you will take in the full dimension of this sedimentary mastodon. A rather easy and family route. And the game is worth the candle! Several points of view are magical, for breathtaking photos.

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