Winner of the Inventech trade show in 2017, overall gold medalist at the Lépine competition in 2018, big winner of the Artinov artisanal innovation competition in 2023... Clearly, the Cyclodebout wins all the votes. For what ? Certainly because it is unique in the world, innovative, practical, eco-responsible and easy to use. We like it even more because it is “made in Haute-Loire”! We tell you everything about Cyclodebout, one of the local companies which is opening its doors as part of the Route de Savoir-Faire de Haute-Loire:

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The Cyclodebout was once imagined by Olivier Joux, 60 years old, Altigerian of origin today installed in Queyrières. He is now director of the company Cyclodebout in Saint-Germain-Laprade. But much more than a simple manager, Olivier Joux is also the inventor of this cyclo like no other.

“At the start of my professional career, I was in the banking sector in Lyon. I went there by train, then by bus, and the last 3 kilometers I ran in a suit and tie to arrive on time… The bus schedules did not match. And I swear to you, it's really not practical to run in a business suit or suit. If only I had had a vehicle that allowed me to get around quickly and effortlessly! " That's where it all began. At least in his head... The first Cyclodebout was born many years later, in 2017, after a second life at the head of a tube bending company in the metallurgy industry. “I wanted to experience something different and I sold my company in 2016 to devote myself to this new project.”

What is a Cyclodebout?

It’s a articulated and 100% electric tricycle which allows you to move effortlessly. A zero-carbon, fun and innovative mobility solution, in town, as in rural areas thanks to the various existing versions of cyclo. In short, it is the ideal mode of travel on any terrain and in any outfit.

The following year the first Cyclodebout was born from the hands of Olivier Joux “from old bicycles bought at Emmaüs then I did some cutting and assembly”. But since this first homemade pedal version, the small company has come a long way... No more pedals! Make way for all-electric! Today, Cyclodebout is 4 versions sold :

  • An all-electric road Cyclodebout
  • An electric all-road Cyclodebout
  • A “fat” version, more massive, with big wheels that go everywhere
  • A “mushing” version with a loop at the front to attach the dog(s)

And thanks to all-electric, it’s a real revolution! No need to push, move or pedal... You ride upright and still, without any physical effort, except to bend the right knee in the turns in order to accompany the machine which, thanks to its joints, maintains real stability in the turns. Even when stopped! And this, without ever having to set foot on the ground.

 There is a time to get used to it, but the automation comes quite quickly. “From 30 seconds to 5 minutes,” reassures Marie Simond, in charge of marketing and communications. And with them, ski-like sensations ”, and without having your quadriceps on fire. As a result, the Cyclodebout lends itself to any outfit! Dress, skirt, suit, tie or even stiletto heels… All lifestyles are allowed.

For professionals, for individuals, for tourism…

Well precisely… for everyone from 14 years old! For individuals, in their private or professional trips, in town or on the roads thanks to the all-terrain version. For the rental companies in the tourism sector who want fun, easy-to-use vehicles to make available to vacationers. Or for mushers, pro or amateurs, thanks to the towing hook provided at the front of the “mushing” Cyclodebouts. Finally, we don't think about it less, but the Cyclodebout is also a real revolution for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

A real asset for people with disabilities

" You have changed my life! '

Cyclodebout user

This is the kind of very touching feedback we have had from “poorly walking” people who have rediscovered the pleasure of cycling with their children or their spouse thanks to the Cyclodebout…, confides Olivier Joux. I say poorly walking, because the Cyclodebout is not suitable for people in wheelchairs who no longer have the use of their legs, for example. You must be able to remain standing. » It is therefore suitable for several pathologies: pudendal neuralgia, myopathy, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, Alzheimer's, Down's syndrome, etc.

Thanks to this innovative vehicle, we almost forget the handicap. We regain our autonomy, our independence and we remain active! By participating in family activities and maintaining physical activity while preserving your back and joints, all in perfect safety, thanks to the stability of the Cyclodebout.

Where to try the Cyclodebout in Haute-Loire?

  • At La Gare – Lantriac ice rink and leisure activities
  • At Mézenc Loisirs in Estables
  • At Nérial in Yssingeaux
  • At Mirm's Motoculture in Monastier-sur-Gazeille, on the edge of the greenway

Imagine that this is also one of the modes of travel for agents of the Prefecture of Haute-Loire in Puy-en-Velay. It is also a hit in the field of security and could soon equip the police and firefighters. This is already the case in Lyon where the Cyclodebout is used by the municipal police for its patrols in the city.

Farm. Opens Wednesday
474 Avenue René Descartes
43700 Saint-Germain-Laprade
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