Located in Polignac, route des Estreys, the Bughes Distillery “Home Distillers” created the very first Haute-Loire whisky! A distillery just waiting to flourish and show off its know-how. It has a shop, a welcoming tasting area, and a guided tour around the making of whisky. Let yourself be tempted by the visit… without moderation.

Once upon a time… the very first single malt whiskey from Haute-Loire

It all started with leisure. "Initially, with my brother, we made whiskey just for fun," recalls Berenger Mayoux. But then, the young man quickly took to the game… “I liked it a lot! Neither one nor two, Bérenger has equipped himself to produce the best possible distillates. In 2017, he embarked full-time on the production of spirits in Solignac-sur-Loire. A “slightly crazy” adventure in which he nevertheless joined his (future) wife, Marion Liogier in 2019. Two years later, the couple settled in the Bughes Distillery current, to Polignac, Estreys road.

Once upon a time… the very first single malt whiskey from Haute-Loire, Auvergne

The 3 years of aging reached, they then proposed in 2020, the very first single malt whiskey from Haute-Loire ! Crazy, right? Since then, they have even expanded their range: gin, vodka, rums and even verbena liqueurs in partnership with the Maison Marcon of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid. “Rapid diversification was essential, because the aging time of whiskey is particularly long. And in the meantime, you have to live off something…” So many elixirs to find in their shop in Estreys.

What if we let ourselves be tempted by a visit?

More Berenger Mayoux see even further. Eager to show off their know-how to the greatest number, he regularly opens the doors of his distillery to spirits lovers, but not only… “I myself didn't like whiskey when I started distilling. The proof that nothing is anchored and that the passion for a vocation is sometimes born when you least expect it...

Whiskey distillery in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Even for those who are not crazy about the beverage, visiting the small family business remains a pleasure. The welcome is warm and the decoration mixing vintage and great modernity, arouses curiosity. But the highlight of the show is in the back room… A huge Charentais red copper still of 2000 L, of which Bérenger owes the entire renovation to his dad. When we tell you that Haute-Loire whiskey is a family affair!

2000 L Charentais red copper still in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

A cellar of very special oak barrels which gives the whiskey a unique taste

The distillery also has its chai : None resanded and reburnt oak barrels of a Calvados cooper. "In other words, they are recycled, specifies Bérenger, in particular to safeguard the tree resource. » A particularity that gives a real identity to the Estreys whisky. Her taste is unique. "The tone is generally more vegetal. We smell more cereal than wood. But out of our 9 malted products, no two taste the same. »

A cellar of very special oak barrels which gives the whiskey of Haute-Loire (Auvergne) a unique taste

Everyone therefore reserves their share of surprises with something to satisfy all palates, even the most difficult ones… “For example, we have the Petit Beurre, which departs a little from the codes of whiskey. »

6 things to know about the Bughes Distillery


  • "To put it simply, whiskey is a beer (coarse and not hopped) that is distilled, then aged", specifies Bérenger Mayoux. And more than 50% cereals (barley) used by the Distillerie des Bughes are local.


  • Their whiskey comes from a slow craft brew which develops a maximum of aromas and a precise distillation which selects the best alcohols: "a good whiskey must already be good as soon as it comes out of the still, before any ageing".


  • There are traditional hand-hammered copper stills. With their onion shape and short swan neck, they produce fatty alcohols, lower in alcohol and more loaded in aromas.


  • The small family business is planning new products to complete its already well-stocked range and is already giving see you in 2029 for their first “10-year-old”.


  • Some restaurants in Haute-Loire offer whiskey from the Distillerie des Bughes on their table. "This is one of our best showcases!"


  • Something rare in a distillery: a “bulk” spirits section allows customers to save money, while being actors of ecology!

“Home Distillers” and its whiskey made in Haute-Loire hasn't finished surprising us!

"Home Distillers" and its whiskey made in Haute-Loire has not finished surprising us!

Practice :

  • Guided tours by appointment:
  • In July, August and December, the shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m.
  • to 18 p.m. The rest of the year, only on Saturdays from 30 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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