Embark on the "Terre de Géants" adventure in Le Puy-en-Velay, a mind-blowing adventure!
Accompanied by the young Alice and Alec the giant, board a fanciful aircraft for an exceptional journey to discover the department.

The Saint-Alexis chapel in the heart of Puy-en-Velay sets the scene

It all starts in the upper town of Puy-en-Velay, in the heart of the Saint-Alexis chapel. This historic monument, located a stone's throw from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Le Puy, is the setting for an immersive and digital show where the visitor is invited to discover the Haute-Loire and its treasures for a fabulous experience!

To live the adventure, just follow the guide, Alice, in a fantastic epic. We then arm ourselves with a pilgrim's stick and all our courage to come to the aid of Alec, an impressive but gentle giant, guardian of the legends and secrets of the Haute-Loire. We become part of the story.

An immersive journey in the heart of the breathtaking Haute-Loire!

The Jules Verne-style sets are striking and larger than life, the story is captivating, the characters endearing… Just like this adventure which promises visitors to experience a timeless moment aboard a flying machine. You will have to have a strong heart. Ready to take off? We embark…

The adventure is breathtaking, uplifting, fun

And the flight begins… The Puy-en-Velay , blithe , Polignac fortress, Bouchet lake , The Chair-God , Loire gorges and Mix ...

With Alec and Alice at the controls, all the nuggets of the Haute-Loire are thus flown over.

The adventure then continues in the “Library of Secrets”

When the flight is over, spectators still amazed by this unique journey are led to walk towards "the Library of Secrets" where new surprises await them: immersive films, interactive games and quizzes, tactile walls, digital tablets, 3D glasses... What to do last the pleasure and prolong the discoveries while having fun. We activate the meninges and zygomatic!

Historical monuments, mythical hikes, local legends, cultural highlights, natural or culinary riches, you name it! Nothing better to arouse desire...
So, what will be your next outing to discover the Haute-Loire?

“Terre de Géants” is a breathtaking experience. Another way to discover the Haute-Loire. What a brilliant idea! My kids loved it! One thing is certain, we don't come out unscathed from the experience. But now it's up to you to decide...

Everything you need to know about "Terre de Géants" in brief

The boarding place

The Saint-Alexis Chapel in Le Puy-en-Velay, 100 m from the cathedral

Recommended age

The show is recommended from 5 years old

The duration of the show

The experience lasts 1h30

A combined ticket with the Rocher Saint-Michel

There is a family offer for 2 adults / 2 children as well as a combined ticket with the Rocher Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe

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