The building is colossal, imposing. And from the height of its thousand-year history, the fortress of St. Vidal offers passing travelers much more than just a historic stopover through a visit. Since May 2022, the beautiful stone lady has indeed opened the doors of its 7 rooms and suites for unusual nights where comfort is hoisted as a standard.

Sleep in an exceptional place with over 1000 years of history.

The Château de Saint-Vidal, a unique 5-star hotel in Auvergne and Haute-Loire

They are called Baron de Saint-Vidal, Marquis de Rochefort d'Ally, Prince of the Tower of Auvergne, Lord of Albon or even Chevalier de Goudet… The names of the five rooms and two suites of the Château de Saint-Vidal sound like an epic. And for good reason, a night in the fortress is like a great adventure, worthy of a novel by Alexandre Dumas.

Each of the rooms has its universe, its atmosphere, its colors. Ranging from 20 to 90 m², the rooms are suitable for the intimacy of a couple as well as for a family with two children. But all the rooms have a considerable cachet, an authentic and exceptional decoration, a King size bed too, because here, comfort comes first...

Not forgetting the wellness area, its sauna and whirlpool bath nestled under a cross-ribbed vault. How, in such a setting, not to spend a stay out of time?

The building, completely renovated over the past two years, is today "the result of a long process of restoration and upgrading of the existing", specifies Isa Lou City, project assistant. Because classified as Look out since 1958, the fortress of Saint-Vidal has had the distinction of having survived the centuries… What we see of it today, although slightly remodeled in the XNUMXth century, has remained frozen since the XNUMXth century and the Renaissance. What could be more atypical?

No restaurant but dishes from renowned chefs.
As for the pleasures of the mouth, the Hôtel du château de Saint-Vidal does not have a restaurant, but several possibilities are available to visitors to eat on site. Tasty boards of charcuterie and cheeses from Auvergne can be prepared at the château and served either in the bedrooms, in the lounge bars or on the terrace…. As well as dishes from great French chefs cooked in advance and preserved in jars, with starter, main course and dessert.

Viennese pastries, breads, cereals, fruit juices, compotes, yoghurts, dried fruits, jams, or even charcuterie and regional cheeses… Breakfasts, on the other hand, are served in the Alançon lounges or on the Italian terrace. They can even be served in your room for an extra 25 euros! Enjoy your lunch !

Historical treasures hidden for centuries…
For the fortress, this 5-star hotel project was synonymous with resurrection. Because in addition to giving it a second life, the work has also revealed many hidden treasures for centuries... "They have revived what already exists", declares Isa Lou City. Historical works, witnesses of the past, of which we did not even suspect the existence...

Like three magnificent ceilings. The first, in the reception hall of the hotel, is a XNUMXth century painted ceiling; the second, in the Baron de Saint-Vidal bedroom, is a splendid, finely carved wooden ceiling; and the last is a wooden ceiling, this time painted and polychrome, still dated to the XNUMXth century, revealed in Ally's Marquis de Rochefort suite.

It is in this same room that a last treasure was unearthed. An exceptional XNUMXth century fresco discovered under the modern coating. A unique and unexpected medieval work, "which called into question the entire dating of this part of the building", confides the project assistant. Two coats of arms are represented there: that of Saint-Vidal and a second with an eagle with its wings spread, representing the Glavenas family. However, the alliance between Hugues II de la Tour de Saint-Vidal and Guérine Germaine de Glavenas dates back to the second half of the XNUMXth century, “while we date this wing of the castle from the Renaissance”.

An exceptional XNUMXth century fresco discovered under the modern coating

A unique and unexpected medieval work

The fortress of Saint-Vidal has definitely not yet blown us all its secrets…

When the stables of the Château de Saint-Vidal were transformed into a brewery…

It was in 2021, after a long period of work, that the brewery of Saint-Vidal was born.

A place of brewing first, in the former stables of the building. A magnificent vaulted room today, occupied by Jean Roch Crouzet, the brewer, who with his expert hands transforms barley from Margeride, rye from Velay and hops from Alsace into various elixirs: a blond, a white (awarded the silver medal at the Lyon 2022 competition ) and soon an amber, from mid-July…

“But the idea is also to offer temporary beers. Seasonal beers: a light one for the summer, an IPA for the spring, or a brown one for the winter, a Porter”, enumerates the young brewer. Very different beers that nevertheless have one thing in common: their smoky taste, characteristic of the Saint-Vidal beer produced at the fortress.

But also a place for tasting, with privileged access to the terrace of the fortress. The Saint-Vidal brewery is also a friendly tavern, where during the summer, visitors can come and take a break to quench their thirst. The rest of the time, the space is an integral part of village life.

The castle of Saint-Vidal, it is also visits  

An immersive show: The memory of a people, wandering through 15 rooms of the castle. An original and fun way to combine the pleasure of the show and the discovery of a building, its architecture and its history. From 1er July to August 31 from 10:30 a.m. to 19 p.m. Sessions every 15 minutes and last session at 18 p.m.

Guided tours: Every day in summer at 10:45 a.m., 15 p.m. and 17 p.m. Three gardens are also to be discovered: a French garden, an Italian garden and a water garden with a mirror basin in which the castle is reflected.

Off season : The Château de Saint-Vidal is open for reservations for private parties: business seminars, birthdays, weddings, cocktail parties… Do you have a project? Feel free to contact them !

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