In the meadows or forests of the department, the mushroom is king, as everywhere in Auvergne. From the carpet of mushrooms to the spring morels, passing through the chanterelles or porcini mushrooms of the undergrowth, our large wilderness areas conceal many edible treasures...

In meadows or undergrowth, the Haute-Loire is a land of mushrooms

A rejuvenating walk in the calm of the Altiligerian forests.

The opportunity to fill your basket, but also to take a rejuvenating walk in the relaxing setting of the forest. Look up and admire the spectacle! The trees dance with the wind, the leaves sing, the lights change every hour of the day and every season...

After the first typical outbreaks of spring and some miraculous rains, the month of September is the ideal time to go in search of the famous specimens.

It is all of nature that is in turmoil in the four corners of the department: ceps, chanterelles, trumpets of death, sheep's feet, parasol mushrooms or gray chanterelles fill the baskets of mushroom lovers, mycologists or mycophages. Unique in France, more than 1000 varieties of mushrooms grow in our undergrowth… The quality and variety of soils, biodiversity and altitude variation are at the origin of this phenomenon.

A detour to Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, gourmet capital

You are not an inveterate picker? Casually, do your shopping incognito at the large mushroom fair in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid in the fall, or at the spring morel fair in Riotord. Something to delight and impress your friends!

In Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, a mecca for gastronomy, it is even possible to learn about mycology and picking with real enthusiasts during nature outings. You will then learn to find, pick, recognize, differentiate, cook and then taste the mushrooms for your greatest pleasure. This stay will leave you with a "tasty" memory of your stay in the south of Auvergne!


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