Summer or winter, whether the sun is shining or not, whether there is snow or not, there is always something to do on the Mézenc massif! We give you 6 ideas that come in every season so you never get bored!

Snow or not, there is always something to do on the Mézenc

1- Slide, downhill skiing or cross-country skiing

With 9 tracks of Alpine skiing, but above all, its vast northern domain with more than 50 km of ski slopes cross-country skiing (100 km Mézenc and Meygal combined), the resort of Les Estables is the queen of skiing and the family resort par excellence!

2-Walking, on foot or on snowshoes

That the massif of Mezenc has put on his white coat or not, what better way to enjoy the landscape than walking or snowshoeing?

In addition to its 15 km of slopes snowshoes, Hiking nature guides just tagged a new snowshoe circuit family and very accessible, which forms a 3,5 km loop around the village of Estables: “The Little Tour”.

Snowshoeing in the Mézenc / Meygal massif in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Mézenc and Meygal taken together, the Altiliger peaks offer no less than 43 km of snowshoe trails. A very vast playground for lovers of wide open spaces.

Hiking in the Mézenc / Meygal massif in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

And when the snow isn't there, all you have to do is put on your walking shoes to enjoy the great outdoors. Many PR propose to make discover this grandiose site, in particular the PR 58, 77, 205 and 484. Download theHiking app in Haute-Loire to know more !

3- Ride, mountain bike, fat bike or electric scooter

With or without white gold, the activities are endless on Mont Mézenc! Once the snow has fallen, the outings Moutain Biking can for example be transformed into outputs fat bike ou all-terrain electric scooter thanks to Mezenc leisure ou Mézenc trot' ! Ideal for those who prefer to ride than slide. Thrills guaranteed!

4- Pilot a kite, on foot, on skis or on a buggy

Snow-kiting in the Mézenc massif in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Thanks to Didier Botta, kite instructor at Estables, we begin to know the snowkite which is practiced on skis or snowboard when the snow is there… But what about the winters when the precious powder is missing? Well The 2 Winds school diversifies by offering activities that still play with the wind, but on dry land!

For beginners, there is always the essential sailing piloting on foot. It's like a big Kite whose size varies according to the level of the student and the strength of the wind.
Then when you have mastered all these elements, all you have to do is set off on this curious three-wheeled machine that Didier now offers at The 2 Winds : the buggy. And with it, no need for snow! Its imposing wheels allow it to go anywhere!

Buggy in the Mézenc / Meygal massif in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

5- Driving a team of sled dogs

Sled dogs in the Mézenc / Meygal massif in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

On foot or by sled, what counts is the link and the proximity with the animals. And if in winter the mushers of Estables offer sliding sensations behind a "great north adventure" style hitch, when there is not enough snow, it is good to know that the cani-rando practice summer and winter! And for dog lovers, it's all good! Because "sharing with the animal is all the greater in cani-rando", underlines Gérald Erik, musher at Amarok Valley.

6-And if not, you always have the Lugik park, whatever the season!

A father and his daughter have fun in a toboggan at Lugik Park in Estables in Haute-Loire

Thanks to the Lugik park, you can toboggan all year round! Embark on a toboggan on rails which connects two ascents and two descents until sometimes exceeding 40 km/h! All this in the exceptional panorama offered by the Mézenc and Alambre mountains. A unique concept in France! Buckle up, it's going to take your breath away!

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