The Saint-Gal Parc Aventure is 100 games spread over 10 courses and 2 net spaces, more than 1 m of zip lines including 500 above the Allier river, and even 600 courses for toddlers from 2 is 3 years old. So we said to ourselves that the best way to test it was with a bunch of children! And you know what, they want more!

A reassuring family park on the banks of the Allier

Reassuring, because all of the courses are in a continuous life line, 100% secure. Fun too, because it takes between 2h30 and 3h30 to take full advantage of the whole site. Something to fill up with sensations! And it's not Lola, Romane, Titouan, Malo or Maelys who will say the opposite...

Because Lola, filled with concentration, was able to test the first emotions of balance under the encouraging and admiring gaze of her father. Because Romane, taken by surprise, loved the toboggan that slides on winches.

Because Titouan has become an expert in attaching carabiners. Because Malo knows how to bounce like no other in the suspended nets where you frolic without a harness. And because Maelys has overcome her fear of heights to slide on the magnificent zip lines that span the Allier River.

In the shade of these huge trees which let glimpse some rays of the sun, there is something to delight everyone from 3 years old. And you're in luck, there are plenty of other adventure trails all over Haute-Loire!

Still energy, why not try a white water sport?

Psst! As we know that some will still have energy after the Saint-Gal Parc de Langeac, what better than a canoeing or rafting session in the Gorges de l'Allier to complete the day?

The Gorges of the Allier, steep, and its rough waters are ideal for white water sports such as rafting, hot dog, hydrospeed, canyoning, and even canoeing down the river. Quieter, the Loire can be explored peacefully by kayak or canoe. Its many gorges make it gain in size to make it an aquatic paradise. The first castles of the Loire take place in the middle of sumptuous landscapes, standing proudly above the water.

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