When it's hot, what could be nicer than walking not far from the water, with the possibility of taking a dip along the way… Here are two hikes that allow this kind of getaway between walking and freshness. The first is around Arlempdes, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. The second is a little further north, around Saint-Martin-de-Fugères, still in the Gorges de la Loire.

1- 10 km at the foot of the impregnable citadel of Arlempdes

This first hike responds to the sweet name of the Rock of the Good Ladies in the Wood (PR 154). 10 km during which the walk offers breathtaking views of one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France: Arlempdes, here surplombe les Loire gorges from the top of its volcanic dyke.

The ruins of the castle of Arlempdes are indeed placed at the top of a spectacular basalt flow. Attested to from the XNUMXth century, but undoubtedly older, the imposing fortress, key post of the Montlaur family, ensured the safety of the communication routes between Le Puy-en-Velay and Aubenas towards the Rhône valley.

This 10 km PR therefore forms a loop starting and finishing in Arlempdes with beautiful views of the Gorges de la Loire. With its 3h15 walk and its 333 m of elevation gain, it is indicated as an easy level (blue) on the topoguide.

2- A family hike to discover the wild Loire

Slightly further downstream, this second walk with your feet in the water promises the most total change of scenery, Robinson Crusoe style. Welcome to the PR 654, the wild Loire Trail. Departing from Les Salles in Saint-Martin de Fugères, the path takes us to intimate beaches far from roads and homes for 3,1 km of pure happiness, on the path of rare birds...

A small easy and family loop (green level) of only 1h11 and 187 m of elevation gain which will make you discover the source of Bonnefont and its ferruginous waters, recognizable by their orange color. A mineral source supposed to have medicinal virtues: diuretic, digestive, rheumatic… which was once exploited (in 1914).

A new analysis in 1990 confirmed the purity of this water, rich in trace elements and beneficial for health. Who will try to taste it?

Two hiking trails that offer the privilege of entering these gorges like pioneers. So rarely walked on, that Mother Nature seems to make us understand that she will remain, inexorably, the mistress of the place. It's up to us to discreetly borrow his kingdom...


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Our advice for a gourmet break on the road

And as they can perfectly follow one another on the same day, we recommend two gourmet breaks: the Manoir, a bar, restaurant and guest roomstake away in Arlempdes and the Organic Frosted, homemade organic milk ice cream in Coulombs.

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