Based in Serres, commune of Saint-Pal-de-Senouire, Elsa Courcelle, alias "Mama cabra" (Mom goat) decided to make her dream come true. That of educating goats to hike. They are called Mashu, Nawak, Tikal, Atlas and Guapo. They are playful, curious, affectionate and docile and accompany you on hikes like no other, through the Gorges of the Allier and the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park.

Go on an adventure with the goats of Bique-Bag in Saint-Pal-de-Senouire

Do you know pack donkeys? Well Bique-Bag, it's the same, but with goats

Five castrated goats, who don't smell bad, raised on a bottle and used to humans by their adoptive mother: Elsa Courcelle. Their specialty is walking through woods, paths and scrub. But their talents don't stop there! The 5 accomplices also respond to their name as well as to several voice commands. In all, Mashu, Nawak, Tikal, Atlas and Guapo understand about thirty words. Better than circus animals! The dressage demonstrations of their “Mama Cabra” are surprising… And to think that their apprenticeship is not even finished!

Bique-Bag gives an appointment in 2024 to travel light!

For the moment too young, they only happily accompany the troops of hikers and Elsa on their journey or their lively walk, over the day or half-day. Which is already a lot as their presence gives a smile. But soon, from the age of 3 (ie in 1 ½ years), they will be able to carry 25 to 30% of their weight in luggage. That is 15 to 20 kg depending on the templates.
At that time, roaming hikes over several days will be offered, with bivouacs in hammocks for total immersion in the herd. Or, nights in lodges for those who want more comfort.

Until then, they remain good company! Because these walks are also human experiences. The bond with the animal is essential. This is an opportunity to discover that goats are amazing, sociable, funny and curious animals. This is an opportunity to tame each other too, with a view to an exotic ride, which sometimes turns out to be even more fun! The walks of "Mama Cabra" can indeed be told, animated or musical. Instructive too, through its picking walks.

Human experiences, in connection with nature and animals

Before each departure, an approach time is organized by Elsa, the time to get to know each other. So we approach the goats, we caress them, we touch them, we talk to them, and we pass them a halter before a brushing session... A necessary meeting time for the youngest (like the not so young), sometimes fearful. Time to learn the right gestures with Elsa and to realize that the 5 furballs wouldn't hurt a fly, despite their long horns. You'll see… trust builds quickly.

After getting to know each other, we set off for bucolic walks ranging from 1 to 5 hours, depending on the route chosen together. Either between 2h30 and 7h of walk, snack included and provided by Bique-Bag (for day hikes, the picnic remains the responsibility of the hikers). In her luggage, Elsa Courcelle provides sweets as well as her delicious homemade fir syrup. Fruit of the harvests of his picking walks.

From a family outing to a slightly more athletic walk, there is a choice! Bique-Bag adapts to its audience. The atmosphere, however, remains friendly, rhythmic in the footsteps of the 5 goats, often overtaken by their curiosity (or their greed). Rest assured, attached to the man, they never leave too much distance… They will be happy to catch up with you.
So with family or friends, how about an unusual activity, in the vein of slow tourism and green tourism? Come and share an adventure closer to nature and animals with Bique-Bag in Saint-Pal-de-Senouire.

Animal mediation sessions with the goats

Bique-Bag offers animal mediation sessions

In addition to its hikes, Bique-Bag offers animal mediation sessions with the goats, in Saint-Pal-de-Senouire, or outside, in institutions: Ehpad, Foyer, Specialized institute... Elsa Courcelle is indeed holder a specialist educator diploma and knows how to adapt easily to the public, in connection with the healthcare or supervisory team of the establishment she receives or to which she travels. In the program ? Gentle sessions of relational and sensory approach with his little goats, which prove to be conducive to the development of self-confidence and the development of the people accompanied.

Bique-Bag walks in practice

Bique-Bag offers its services from May until September 30. Are you tempted by an off-season adventure?

Do not hesitate to contact Elsa Courcelle who will do her best to suggest an adapted animation. Even in the snow, goats are wonderful traveling companions!

Groups accepted up to 12 people maximum. Celebrate your birthday at Bique-Bag, it's possible, on the program: treasure hunts in the forest with the goats, a snack and lots of other surprises... (For groups of 10 children with 3 accompanying persons).
On-site services: reception area, dry toilets, parking lot and picnic table.
Decreasing prices according to the number of people

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