With Montgolfière en Velay, it is possible to gain height over the world and the Haute-Loire. Ready to take on the challenge of a trip to the sky? We did it for you!

A hot air balloon trip, head in the clouds

Appointment is given at dawn with Jean-Marc and his teammates on the take-off located near the castle of Lavoute-Polignac. The eyelids have trouble peeling off… But the game was worth the effort. We bathe in the morning dew, our steps crackle the first frosts under our feet.

But fortunately, there was no time to feel this morning freshness, we are busy unfolding the huge balloon. Suddenly, we hear the burner rumble and little by little, the giant balloon inflates... The wait seems eternal.

That's it ! Our aeronaut beckons us to enter the basket and as it inflates, our feet leave the ground… The feeling of dizziness is palpable, but quickly dissipates when we go beyond the mist. Now we're floating above the clouds. We embrace the horizon flooded by the first rays of the sun.

The moment is magical, surprising almost unreal. We see the relief of the volcanoes, the Loire winding through the Gorges and the Polignac fortress, which from where we are, looks tiny. The hot air balloon then touches the monuments of Puy-en-Velay. “Oh time, suspend your flight”…Then, depending on the winds, we go beyond the city. The end of the journey is approaching. Our balloonist is looking for a meadow for our landing.

A magical and unforgettable moment

Our feet then find the ground, but our mind is elsewhere. Despite the end of the trip, our heads remain in the clouds…

Behind the scenes of the International Hot Air Balloon Gathering

Precisely, every year in autumn, around November 11, Montgolfière en Velay shares a little of their dream through a large gathering of hot air balloons. Balloons then come from all countries to participate in the event! A magical weekend where hot air balloons offer a colorful and unique show around the Puy-en-Velay.

Lots of gear to see the Haute-Loire from above

Discover the atypical and volcanic reliefs of the south of Auvergne by taking to the heights: the Puy-en-Velay basin, the Massif du Mézenc, the Gorges de la Loire or de l'Allier... It is certainly by taking the altitude where you can best enjoy the Haute-Loire.

For those who like to play with the wind, it will be your choice: paragliding, hot air balloon, or gliding (with a glider). Fans of motor sports will opt for a baptism by plane or helicopter. Finally, fans of extreme sports will try parachute jumping: alone or in tandem.

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