It's raining, it's wet, it's frog party! It's not easy to find something to do when the weather isn't there. Especially with children… So how do you occupy the whole family while waiting for the sun to come back? Don't panic, here are our ideas out in the rain.

How to occupy your children when it rains?

Are you spending your holidays in the rain and the children are bored? Do not panic ! Here are some fun and/or cultural activities to do with your little darlings when the weather isn't there! And there's something for everyone !

Le Fantastic Beast of Gevaudan Museum in Saugues for those who like to scare themselves; the Land of Giants show for the little adventurers, the Lantriac ice rink, for those who can't keep still; but it is also possible to visit the Salmon and river center in Brioude, to discover the 800 fish it shelters or the House of birds and nature of Lavoûte-Chilhac and its activities focused on nature or the Chilhac Paleontology Museum which should appeal to budding Indiana Jones!

Tired of tourist visits, your children prefer creative holidays?

Do not panic ! Whether they are more into drawing, painting, sculpture, lace, calligraphy, soap making or kite flying, they will find what they are looking for to keep busy, in the warmth, when the weather is not nice. And for those who prefer to go on an adventure, why not try an escape game or another game?

What to do when you are a lover of visits and heritage?

Haute-Loire is a department of Auvergne rich in historical heritage. There are churches, chapels, cathedrals… But also museums, craftsmen's workshops happy to show their trade and share their know-how, and even many castles to visit. Moreover, in Haute-Loire, 20 private castles exceptionally open their doors to visitors.

Do you prefer to take time for yourself? No worries

But also sports, well-being and yoga centres, such as in Connangles, Lavoûte-sur-Loire and Le Chambon-sur-Lignon. What to take advantage of the rain to recharge your batteries and take care of yourself, before finding the great outdoors as soon as the sunny days return.

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