Thanks to the Historic Residence and The Historic Route of the Auvergne Castles, two large associations of owners of historic monuments, a unique tourist offer has emerged: the Historic Residences Passport. Around a hundred châteaux in Auvergne, including 19 in Haute-Loire, are opening their doors to the general public. On the road to history!

Attacking the castles and fortresses of Haute-Loire!

The 1- Arlempdes Castle

Arlempdes castle in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Located in a meander of the Loire, the Arlempdes Castle is dated from the 2th century with alterations up to the XNUMXth century. It is open from March to October, as well as for guided tours during the XNUMX summer months.

The 2- beaufort castle in Goudet
Still on the Loire, the beaufort castle dating from the XNUMXth century, is open to guided tours by appointment in July, August and September.

The 3- Bosbomparent Castle in Saint Beauzire
To the east of Haute-Loire, in Brivadois, the Bosbomparent Castle (XNUMXth century) located in the town of Saint-Beauzire is open to group visits by reservation, throughout the year. Guided tours of the exterior parts are also offered from June to August.

The 4- Bouzols Castle in Arsac-en-Velay
Le Bouzols Castle whose construction spans from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century, offers guided tours from June to September, every day except Monday.

The 5- Chateau de Chavaniac-Lafayette

The castle of Chavaniac-Lafayette in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Property of the Department, the castle of the famous Marquis de Lafayette (7th, 7th, XNUMXth centuries) is open every day (except Tuesdays) from April to November. And XNUMX days a week during the two summer months.

The 6- coubon castle
This castle, a perfect example of the architecture of the Nineteenth century is open daily in July and August.

The 7- Durianne Castle at Monteil
This magnificent castle from the end of the Middle Ages and Renaissance located in the town of Monteil is open to guided tours by appointment during the 2 summer months.

8- Theabbey of Doue in Saint-Germain-Laprade

Doue Abbey in Saint-Germain-Laprade in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Founded in 1138 and dedicated to Santiago de Compostela, Doue Abbey in Saint-Germain-Laprade dominates the Loire Valley. The monument restored in 2022, opens for the first time to visits from the summer of 2023, after 10 years of work.

The 9- Esplantas Castle in Saugues
Dating from the XNUMXth, XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, the castle of Esplantas, erected in the heart of the Margeride opens its doors in July and August on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

The 10- Beaume Castle
Rich in several historical treasures the Beaume Castle (XNUMXth, XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries), in Alleyras, offers guided tours by appointment throughout the year.

The 11- Chateau de La Planche in Grazac
West side of the Haute-Loire, the castle of La Planche, XNUMXth century fortified house harmoniously enlarged in the XNUMXth century opens its doors to visits (by appointment) in July and September.

The 12- La Rochelambert castle in Saint Paulien

The castle of La Rochelambert in Saint-Paulien in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

The Château de La Rochelambert is a residence of the XNUMXth century located in the town of Saint-Paulien.

The 13- Abbess' house – Abbey of Lavaudieu
It is the private part of the abbey of Lavaudieu, one of Most beautiful villages in France. The former abbey dwelling at the foundations of XNUMXth century opens its doors on Wednesdays and Fridays from May to September, by appointment only (limit of 5 people).

The 14- Lespinasse castle in Saint Beauzire
The castle of Lespinasse, very close to Brioude, built on the ruins of a XNUMXth century Gallo-Roman villa offers guided tours every day in July and August.

The 15- Saint Vidal castle

The castle of Saint-Vidal in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

A castle, but so many things to see! Gardens, a prestigious hotel, shows and wanderings, a brasserie… Step into the epic of the Château de Saint-Vidal (sixteenth century) Wednesdays and Sundays from April to June, then every day in July-August.

The 16- Thiolent castle in Vergezac
Not far from Puy-en-Velay, the Thiolent castle (XNUMXth-XNUMXth century), classified as Historical Monuments offers a picturesque setting for visitors from June to September. Only by reservation.

The 17- Valprivas Castle

Valprivas castle in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Dated from the XNUMXth century for its oldest parts, the castle of Valprivas, in the north of the Haute-Loire, opens its doors to visitors during the 2 summer months, by appointment. A cultural hotspot, the owners even organize concerts and exhibitions there.

The 18- Villard castle in Saint-Germain-Laprade
Le medieval castle of Villard in Saint-Germain-Laprade lends itself to the game of guided tours for groups of at least 10 people, throughout the year, by appointment.

The 19- Volhac castle in Coubon
The interiors and English park on the banks of the Loire at the Château de Volhac (15th-17th centuries) are open to visits throughout the year by appointment. Guided tours are also organized at 2 and XNUMX p.m. every day, during the XNUMX summer months.

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